Terms and Conditions of Classified Ads

Terms and Conditions of Classified Ads

The Terms and Conditions of Classified Ads describe the rules of operation of the classified ads system available on the www.polskiearaby.com website, including the rules to be followed by Website Users

Information describing the rules for placing classified ads

  1. On the www.polskiearaby.com website you can post an classified ad only on your own behalf. It is forbidden to publish classified ads using the data of third parties without their knowledge and consent.
  2. By adding an classified ad the user assumes full responsibility for broadcasting an classified ad which breaks the law, including an classified ad the subject of which is an activity limited by law.
  3. It is forbidden to place classified ads introducing onto the market items that are legally prohibited!
  4. It is forbidden to place classified ads placing on the market objects and goods derived from crime.
  5. It is forbidden to promote any nationalist, racist, inciting to hatred on any grounds, and any content prohibited by Polish law.
  6. If the subject of the classified ad is an activity that requires valid licenses, permits, qualifications, concessions, etc., the User adding the classified ad declares that he has them and is entitled to publish related classified ads.
  7. The user adding an classified ad undertakes to cover any damages caused to the Website by a legally defective classified ad.
  8. It is allowed to post classified ads related to this equine subject.
  9. When posting an classified ad on the Website, use the correct spelling rules appropriate for Polish or English. You should also use the so-called netiquette, i.e. a collection of good practices related to publishing content on the Internet.
  10. By posting an classified ad on the Website, you agree to its publication.
  11. The Website Administration reserves the right to remove classified ads without giving any reason.
  12. Adding a large number of classified ads (spam) is connected with the removal of the classified ads.
  13. The Website Administrator makes efforts to remove content commonly considered vulgar or offensive as soon as possible, however, the website is not moderated in real time, so some classified ads may appear on the website for a while. If you see an classified ad that violates good manners or any laws, report it for removal. The Website Administrator will make every effort to ensure that it disappears from the portal as soon as possible.
  14. You agree that all information you enter will be stored in the Website’s database and processed in accordance with the principles described in our Privacy Policy. This information will not be disclosed to any persons or third parties without your consent (except for authorized bodies).
  15. The website uses cookies to maintain user sessions.
  16. In cases not mentioned in these regulations, the rule of common sense applies, and ultimately the provisions of the Civil Code and criminal law.
  17. The administration of the www.polskiearaby.com website does not bear any responsibility for the content published in the classified ads system. The authors are responsible for the content. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions – please – do not use our classified ads system.



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The above Terms and Conditions of Classified Ads apply from December 1, 2020.

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