Wels & Polish horses


Wels & Polish horses

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Last weekend the International Arabian Horse A show in Wels (Austria) took place. The large group of private bred horses represented Poland at the event. Amongst 9 horses that entered the show the most successful were: Garuna (Grafik – Gwarka), scored 88 pts that won the yearling fillies class and Kashira (Magnum Psyche – Kahila), already known on European show rings, that was scored 89,67 (incl. the only “20” for movement at the show) and placed 3. at the class of fillies 3 years old. Both mares are owned by Mrs&Mr Wójtowicz.
– There were not too many horses entered for the competition – about 80, but their quality was superb. Especially the winning horses of 3 years old fillies class should be the stars of European shows this year – says Andrzej Wójtowicz. – I must say that Garuna’s first place was the big achievement as it was the first trip of this young mare, moreover it was so long one. Garuna was really tired and the boxes at Wels with oilcloth at the ground made the horses even more nervous.

At classes’ top fives also Canzon Psyche (Padrons Psyche – Canzona; 86,67 pts) by A.&A. Wójtowicz, Fumedina (Wachlarz – Fuma; 87,33 pts) from SK Kielnarowa and Primadonna (Padrons Psyche – Pelargonia; 88,67 pts) owned by Tomasz Tarczyński were placed though Polish team and Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka (Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Society President) that have been to Wels this year, think that Primadonna’s scores were too low for well shown movement of this mare – only 2 x 18,5 and 17,5 as well as for the body and topline: 2 x 17,5 and 18. In Andrzej Wójtowicz’s opinion this mare, comparing with the rest of competitors, deserved for at least 3rd place in her class.

A little bit disappointing was 6th place taken by Popo (Ekwist – Prokanitsa; 88,33 pts). This young stallion owned by Przemysław Sawicki was placed 4th with 90,5 pts at prestigious A show in Dubai not long ago. Andrzej Wójtowicz thinks that Popo was looking “too good” at Wels while more light condition shows his attitudes better.

There were no Polish horses placed in Top Fives or Championships but Andrzej Wójtowicz sums up that the overall result of Polish horses was good as only three of them had been prepared for Wels competition – the rest were entered only due to the dramatic appeal of show organizers that had been at risk of show cancellation because of small number of entries. Finally there were all the top European trainers (as Frank Spoenle, Scott Allman or Paolo Capecci) in Wels and some of them were said to be interested in some Polish private horses’ training.

Doug Dahmen (USA)
Sylvie Eberhardt (GER)
Luiz Rocco (BRA)
Marianne Tengstedt (DEN)

Results of classes:

Yearling fillies
1. Garuna (Grafik x Gwarka) 88,0
2. DA Afrika (Massai Ibn Marenga x Aplikala) 87,5
3. Kijara (Psyches Ambassador x Asyas Cinderella) 87,5
4. Enjoy Caruso (DA Caruso x DA Enfidha) 87,33
5. Fumedina (Wachlarz x Fuma) 87,33
6. ZA Atalis (SC Dyonn x Aheela) 86,50
7. Nadwana (Nadir I x Mirwana) 86,0

Yearling colts
1. ABA Kalani Khan (Ali Khan x Verbala) 90,50
2. M.M. Samuel (Lorenzo El Bri x Saonarah El Bri) 88,5
3. FS Positano (Shakaar Ibn Sanadiva x Perugia) 88,5
4. Galinka Richelieau (FS Bengali x Galinka Rougelais) 87
5. Farid al Khidar (Khidar x Farids Mandolin) 86,17

Fillies 2 years old
1. Farida Bint Khidar (Khidar x Farids Mandolin) 90,0
2. Magic Meta (Windsprees Mirage x MP Almaas)
3. Yulana PSY (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia) 89,17
4. Metallica (Khidar x Menina) 88,83
5. Wioletta (Sharkassow x Walewska)

Colts 2 years old
1. M.M. Fabrizio (CH El Brillo x MFA Forgetmenot) 90,17
2. FS Al Shabha (Shakaar Ibn Sanadiva x Helaliya) 89,83
3. Tuscany BP (Versace x Bint Sacarina) 89,83
4. MF Haydar (JD Chalice x Heloisa) 89,33
5. Alakazam B (Padrons Immage x MA Evita) 89,0

Mares 3 years old
1. FS Cayenne (AS Natsir Apal x FS Cleopatra) 91,83
2. Lamana (Laman HVP x Miriam II) 91
3. Kashira (Magnum Psyche x Kahila) 89,67
4. GF Katamarca (Katarac x Padrons Desiree)
5. ZA Alisha (SC Dyonn x Aheela) 88,0

Stallions 3 years old
1. Bolero EM (Shaklan Ibn Bengali x Bawda) 91,83
2. Mahrabi PA (Eternity Ibn Navaronne P x Maharani HBN) 90,67
3. Al Milan (Al Lahab x Milena) 90,17
4. Tabaque (Laman HVP x Nevina) 88,83
5. TM Lopez (TM Aikonos x Lady Annie) 87,83

Mares 4-6 years old
1. Pierrete El Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x Perfectshan SRA) 90,33
2. Lamera (Laman HVP x Merana) 89,67
3. ZT Richlover (Richter x ZT Gaffislover) 89,50
4. Kashida (Psytadel x Petrushba) 89,50
5. Primadonna (Padrons Psyche x Pelargonia) 88,67

Stallions 4-6 years old
1. Kaseem (Kubinec x Kassia) 91,50
2. Psyrasic (Psytadel x Karoba) 91,33
3. Ghajariy (Khidar x Esta Passada) 90,0
4. DA Kandahar (DA Esstaan x Ravenna) 88,17
5. Canzon Psyche (Padrons Psyche x Canzona) 86,67

Mares 7 years old and over
1. Nina El Shams (Nimroz x Iris)
2. The Princess of Egypt (Orayan x Shahneekha) 89,83
3. Mandana (Amwal El Shaklan x Mecca)
4. Venus by Wernera (Brainz Xaver x Wernera)
5. Nevina (Abakan x Neva)

Stallions 7 years old and over
1. Om el Bendigo (Sanadik El Shaklan x Om El Beneera) 90,50
2. Mahadin (Madkour I x Mahameh) 90,17
3. SPD Taylor (Travis MSC x SH Enchantress) 89,83
4. Emfatyk (Monogramm x Emiliana) 88,50
5. DA Caruso (Koronec x Riva) 88,33


Junior Mares:

Champion: FS CAYENNE
Reserve: LAMANA

Junior Stallions:

Champion: EM Bolero
Reserve: M.M. Fabrizio
Top Five: ABA Kalani Khan, M.M. Samuel, Al Milan

Senior Mares:

Champion: Pierrete El Jamaal
Reserve: Nina El Shams
Top Five: The Princess of Egypt, Lamera, ZT Richlover

Senior Stallions:
Champion: Om el Bendigo
Reserve: Kaseem
Top Four: Psyrasic, Mahadin

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