Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby. An „Al Khalediah” podium!

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Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby. An „Al Khalediah” podium!

Dary Al Khalediah, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec
Dary Al Khalediah, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec

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Huge interested was stirred among Arabian horse enthusiasts by a new race in the racing calendar at the Służewiec Racetrack – the Tiwaiq Central European Derby, sponsored by Polska AKF, with a prize pool of 119,000 PLN. On Saturday, May 29th, nine horses, eight bred abroad and one from Poland, entered the gates at the starting line.

Dary – a gift to all that placed their bets on Szczepan Mazur!

A sure favorite of the audience (his possible win was priced at 8.20 for 5 PLN) was the trained by Michał Borkowski in Wrocław colt Mayar Al Khalediah (Nashwan Al Khalidiah – Assma Al Khalediah by Amer), half-brother of Fazza Al Khalediah (Jalnar Al Khalidiah – Assma Al Khalediah by Amer), famous winner of the 2018 Qatar Arabian World Cup at Longchamp in Paris. At the beginning of May, he won the Kabaret St. (B cat., 2000 m) freely under Sanzhar Abaev by as many as eight lengths, on a highly good-to-soft track (4.2), where there were splashes of water after heavy rainfall. His time was 2’26.1. A week later, in the race for the Skowronek St. (group I, 2000 m), Dary Al Khalediah (Jalnar Alkhalidiah – Amerah Al Khalediah by Amer), with the same sire as Fazza, suffered an unexpected defeat. His jockey, Szczepan Mazur, took the lead 250 meters before the finish line and fought fiercely against the great six-year-old mare General Lady (General – Rivale d’Enfer by Dormane) who was pressing him. Ultimately, he shook off her attack, but unexpectedly in the last few dozen meters, the six-year-old mare Wasma Al Khalediah (Jalnar Al Khalidiah – Chinook de Ghazal by Dormane) trained by Maciej Kacprzyk, breezed under Konrad Mazur and overtook her close cousin by 0.75 length. The time of this race was 2’20.7 on a good-to-soft track (4.0), i.e. it was better than the Mayar result by as much as 5.7 s, which could give food for thought, but as we know the thinking of racing regulars, caught up in the sheep’s rush that a horse is “a dead cert” (that is, it has to win) until it is proven otherwise at the wire, is turned off.

As a result, the mighty Dary (with measurements resembling a Thoroughbred: 161-180-20), not quite sure why, was considered by some experts to be less talented than Mayar, which was also reflected in the Expert League bets (only one in over 20 chose Dary for first place) and in the mutual bets, where he was counted in third place behind Mayar (for whom the possible payout was 8.20 for PLN 5) and Rasmy Al Khalediah (Nayef Al Khalidiah – Rajwa Al Khalediah po Tiwaiq) – 15.20 for PLN 5.

From the left: Dary Al Khalediah and Mayar Al Khalediah, by Traf Online
From the left: Dary Al Khalediah and Mayar Al Khalediah, by Traf Online

Meanwhile, Dary’s odds were over 5: 1 (26.20 for 5 PLN). Only those who always choose Szczepan Mazur, even when he rides a theoretically weaker horse, bet on the charge of trainer Bartosz Głowacki. His riding style for 8 years now, when he won the Ruler and Derby St. for the first time as a 17-year-old, is an added value all in itself. Those who counted Dary only for second or third place probably did not take into account the offended ambition of the young jockey, who is already compared with the track legends, Mieczysław Mełnicki, Jerzy Jednaszewski and Tomasz Dul, but they also forgot about his extensive international experience. After all, during his last, fifth trip to the United Arab Emirates, he has won as many as 20 races from November to April, in strong international competition, mainly on Arabian horses. When I asked him why he wasn’t riding Mayar, he replied that trainer Borkowski had decided so. When asked about choosing Mayar’s rider, the trainer from Partynice said that recently, when Szczepan Mazur could not race for a whole racing day due to health problems, he put Sanzhar Abaev atop Mayar and now decided to give him another chance, especially since this outstanding young Kyrgyz is the main, everyday rider at his stable.

As expected, Mayar took the lead right after the start and galloped at a strong pace for a good-to-soft track on a scale of 3.5: 35.1-34.1-34.2. After coming onto the straight, Abaeev picked up the pace and the Arabians took off like Thoroughbreds, covering the last 500 meters in 32 seconds. The first to try to approach Mayar was Rasmy under Turgaev, but he quickly faded out. Meanwhile, in the last 100 m, Szczepan accellerated and Dary, who started finishing from a further position, attacked his rival at the last moment, defeating him at the wire by 0.5 length. Rasmy held third place, and Alsahr was fourth, the only horse of Polish breeding and ownership in this race.

For eight years there has not been such a strong race at Służewiec over 2,000 m – 2’16.1. A record result would probably have been set had it not been for the condition of the track (3.5). Let us remind you that a great record over 2000 m (2’14.4) was set in 2013 by the French three-year-old filly Ancely (Dahess – Djurdjura by Al Sakbe), winner of the Białka St. However, back then the going was good-to-firm on a 2.6 scale.

During the decoration of the winning horse in the paddock the trophy was collected by Hubert Kulesza, General Director of Polska AKF, owned by the Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Abulaziz Al Saud.

Wasma Al Khalediah (number 6) winning Skowronek St (1 gr), by Traf Online
Wasma Al Khalediah (number 6) winning Skowronek St (1 gr), by Traf Online

Hubert Kulesza, commenting after the race for, said: “I would like to thank the Polish Jockey Club and the management of the Służewiec Track for giving us a chance to fund this new race with the word” Derby “in its name, which is so important for every organizer and lover of races. I think that the lineup, as well as the high level of this race met not only our expectations, but also racing enthusiasts who watched this extremely exciting show on the track or on the Internet. Initially, we had no plans for our three best four-year-old horses to compete, but the two-week delay in the start of the season meant that only two “Al Khalediahs”, Mayar and Dary, could run in early May. Rasmy did not have such a chance, as he was delayed in training due to a minor injury. However, since we also intend to enter him to the French Derby in Chantilly, we wanted to give him a chance to face tough competition. I will not hide that I was hoping that the entire podium would be occupied by three of our horses, but I was not so sure about the order at the finish line. Mayar was a huge favorite of the audience, Rasmy was a great unknown, and Dary, although ridden by such a sophisticated jockey master as 25-year-old Szczepan Mazur, was underestimated by many experts. So I quietly cheered him on, especially since our manager, Szymon Głowacki, brother of trainer Bartosz Głowacki, stated before the race that the best jockey would win this race.”

His opinion turned out to be prophetic. Having many years of experience in racing in the UAE behind him, Szczepan Mazur rode simply sensationally. He spread Dary’s strength so skillfully that although the pace of the last quarter was extremely strong (500 m – 32 s), the strongly driven horse managed to accelerate even in the last meters and overtook Mayar, tired from leading.

“I would also like to congratulate Zbigniew Górski, owner and breeder of the best Polish horse in this race, fourth at the finish line, Alsahr. I think that this energetic, brave grey has a good chance of following in the footsteps of Dragon, who won the first Derby for his breeder two years ago. I would also like to emphasize that we do not want to dominate the races at Służewiec. For our best horses we plan mainly races abroad. Much will depend on where they will be in the Derby in Chantilly. Each “in the money” place in such strong competition will satisfy us. I can unveil the secret that we intend to enter two fillies for the Europa Cup during the Arabian Day at Służewiec. However, I do not exclude that if the need arises, one of the three stallions mentioned above will also run,” – said Hubert Kulesza, ending his statement.

Cups in the Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby, photo archive
Cups in the Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby, photo archive

Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby – (cat. A):

  1. Dary Al Khalediah (FR) jockey S.Mazur (59.0) number 1
  2. Mayar Al Khalediah (FR) apprentice rider S.Abaev (59.0) 3
  3. Rasmy Al Khalediah (FR) jockey A.Turgaev (59.0) 6
  4. Alsahr jockey A.Reznikov (59.0) 8
  5. Sjabahar ‘OA’ (NL) jockey V.Popov (59.0) 9
  6. No Neveur Saularie (FR) jockey S.Mura (59.0) 4
  7. Samonlau ‘OA’ (NL) pr.dż. D.Sabatbekov (59.0) 5
  8. Kromvel (RU) jockey S.Vasyutov (59.0) 2
  9. Al Ban (FR) jockey M.Srnec (59.0) 7


2000 m: 2’16,1″(35,1-34,1-34,3-32,6)
Temperature 15.0°C, cloudy with clear spells.
Style: strongly driven.
Lengths: 1/2 – 1 3/4 – 3 1/2 – 2 – 1 – neck – 5 1/2 – 2.
Going rating: good (3,5).

Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec
Tiwaiq Central European Arabian Derby, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec

Below are the results of stake races held during previous weekends (8-9, 15-16 and 22-23 of May, 2021):

Apollo Del Sol the unexpected winner of the Al Khalediah Racing Festival 2021

The first race of the Al Khalediah Racing Festival 2021 series had a very interesting and unexpected course. Musab was leading with a steady pace, but he weakened in the middle of the straight and then the French four-year-old Apollo Del Sol (Al Mamun Monlau – Alloa Del Sol by Darweesh), trained in Wrocław by Justyna Domańska, delivered a brilliant finish. The second place was also taken by the less counted Kromvel (Venzel – Kasida by Senjermen). The “Al Khalediahs”, the six-year-old Award (Jalnar Al Khalediah – Quesche du Paon by Akbar) and the five-year-old Asrrar, predicted to be second and third behind Musab (Asraa Min Albarg – Muna by Nougatin), took sixth and eighth places, respectively.

  1. Apollo Del Sol (FR) jockey A.Reznikov (60.0) 7
  2. Kromvel (RU) apprentice jockey S.Abaev (60.0) 8
  3. Galito de Bozouls (FR)(-2) D.Sabatbekov (60.0) 6
  4. Musab jockey S.Mura (63.0) 2
  5. Awrad Al Khalediah (FR) jockey S.Mazur (61.0) 4
  6. Djenah (FR) jockey V.Popov (58.0) 1
  7. Asrar Al Khalediah (FR) jockey M.Srnec (61.0)3
    Withdrawn: Gabonn (DE) jockey K.Grzybowski (62.0) 5


2000: 2’21,8″(35,5-34,4-35,5-36,4)
Temperature: 19.0°C, sunny.
Style: surely.
Lengths: 3/4 – 3/4 – 1 3/4 – head – 4 – 4
Going rating: good (4,0)

We have already mentioned Dary’s unexpected defeat to his close cousin Wasma above.

Rasmy Al Khalediah, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec
Rasmy Al Khalediah, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec

Skowronek St. (I gr.):

  1. Wasma Al Khalediah (FR) (-1) K.Mazur (57.0) 6
  2. Dary Al Khalediah (FR) jockey S.Mazur (59.0) 9
  3. General Lady (FR) jockey K.Grzybowski (62.0) 1
  4. Hadjar (SI) (-3) B.Kalysbek Uulu (54.5)
  5. Mantaa jockey A.Reznikov (57.0) 5
  6. Kenjiy (-2) D.Sabatbekov (57.0) 4
  7. Eldas (-1) S.Abaev (61.0) 7
  8. Guarf de Bozouls (FR) jockey V.Popov (59.0) 11
  9. Ehssana (-4) O.Szarłat (55.0) 8
  10. Alnnajm jockey M.Srnec (62.0) 3
  11. Bravos (-3) K.Dogdurbek Uulu (56.0) 10
  12. Pilargo jockey S.Mura (59.0) 2


2000 m: 2’20,7″(35,6-34,6-34,8-35,7).
Temperature 19.0°C, sunny.
Style: driven.

Lengths: 3/4 – 1/2 – 1 3/4 – 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 – 2 – 5 1/2 – 2 – far (23) – 6 – 7.
Going rating: good (4,0).

Apollo del Sol, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec
Apollo del Sol, by Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec

Purhib scares Dragon

A strong favorite for the Bandos St. for 4 years old and above Arabians was Dragon (Dahess – Djaima by Nonius), who was winning easily down the straight, when he was unexpectedly attacked in the last meters by the high form of trainer Cornelia Fraisl’s charge Purhib (Murhib – Polina by Balaton). However, the experienced Aleksander Reznikov did not allow for a surprise and the Derby winner confidently held off this attack.

Bandos St. – (cat. B):

  1. Dragon jockey A.Reznikov (63.0) 7
  2. Purhib apprentice jockey D.Sabatbekov (59.0) 1
  3. General Lady (FR) jockey K.Grzybowski (59.0) 6
  4. Seiful Muliuk (RU) jockey M.Srnec (63.0) 5
  5. Wielki Dakris jockey S.Mazur (63.0) 3
  6. Echaron jockey M.Kryszyłowicz (60.0) 2
  7. Hamal apprentice jockey K.Mazur (63.0) 4


2200 m: 2’38,1”(16,0-35,5-36,5-35,6-34,5).
Temperature: 18.0°C, cloudy with clear spells.
Style: surely.

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