Pride of Poland 2002

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2002

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Wieża Wiatrów (
Wieża Wiatrów (

The clients of the 33rd Sale, which took place on August 11th, 2002, were served a big surprise. At the last moment a new offer was announced, not mentioned in the catalogue. Offered as Lot “0” was… a yearling! It was the freshly crowned Junior Spring Show Champion and Best in Show from Białka, the dark bay Wieża Wiatrów 2001 (Ganges – Wiaźma/Arbil), bred by Michałów. After a fierce bidding her price reached 220 thousand euro and the buyer came from Saudi Arabia. Among the mares gracing the catalogue an impressive price was also given for the beautifully coloured brown mare Elfina 1994 (Pamir – Elektroda/Engano), bred by Janów Podlaski Stud, who joined the collection of Mrs. Watts for 120 thousand euro. Out of the four stallions offered at the main sale only one reached his reserve price: Ekwipunek, bay 1995 (Eukaliptus – Equitana/Aloes), bred by Janów Podlaski Stud, sold to the US. In total 30 mares and 1 stallion were sold from the Pride of Poland Sale for 1.126 million dollars.

It was the last auction when transactions were made in US dollars, because although Poland fully joined the European Union only in 2004, the catalogue prices in 2003 were already given in euro. Starting from 2002 the job of auctioneer was handed over to Todd Watt from the well-known Tattersalls auction house, supported by Scott Benjamin.


(Fragment of the unpublished book by Prof. Krystyna Chmiel “Two centuries of Polish Arabian horse breeding – new chapters. Years: 1979 – 1989. Years: 1990-2010”)


(prices in USD)


Pride of Poland 2002
(32 offered mares, 1 withdrawn, 31 present, 4 stallions)


Wieża Wiatrów 220 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Elfina 120 thousand, GB
Ellada 55 thousand, Katar
Wipera 55 thousand, GB
Hulanka 45 thousand, GB
Zemsta 42 thousand, GB
Escalona 40 thousand, Qatar
Saba 40 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Escalanta 35 thousand, Qatar
Dominika 32 thousand, Spain
Bellona 30 thousand, GB
Ewolta 30 thousand, Qatar
Fargola 30 thousand, Qatar
Siewka 28 thousand, Spain
Epifraza 25 thousand, Qatar
Girlanda 25 thousand, Poland
Perspektywa 25 thousand, Poland
Zamiana 25 thousand, Qatar
Zenobia 22 thousand, Spain
Zguba 22 thousand, Spain
Cygarniczka 18 thousand, Spain
Ekspedycja 16 thousand, Spain
Aruba 15 thousand, Qatar
Makarena 15 thousand, GB
Nostalgia 15 thousand, USA
Barykada 13 thousand, Poland
Dąbrowa 12 thousand, Spain
Torpeda 10 thousand, GB
Emoza 8 thousand, GB
Fawela 8 thousand, USA


Ekwipunek 50 thousand, USA


Silent Sale 2002
(12 offered mares, 6 stallions, 30 horses in racing training)


Chrapka 8 thousand, GB
Ekola 7,5 thousand, Spain
Ferradura 6 thousand, Qatar
Orynia 5 thousand, Spain
Złota Zula 4,7 thousand, Germany
Alauda 4,6 thousand, Spain


Erald 9 thousand, GB
Gładysz 9 thousand, Spain
Euryk 8 thousand, GB
Ferrari 8 thousand, GB
Elton 7,2 thousand, Spain

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