Pride of Poland 2015

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2015

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Pepita, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda
Pepita, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Record after record at the 2015 auction


The 2015 Pride of Poland Sale (Sunday, August 16th) was just five thousand Euro away from achieving an aggregate of a round 4 million Euro. As a comparison: last year this sum amounted to 2.74 million Euro, so twice as less. In turn the Summer Sale for the first time surpassed 600 thousand Euro (the final result of both auctions was 4,598,500 Euro: 3,995,000 from the main Pride of Poland Sale and 603,500 from the Summer Sale). The record result was made up of record prices for individual horses: Pepita achieved 1.4 million Euro – more than in 2008 World Champion Kwestura, purchased by Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi from Ajman Stud for 1.125 million Euro. For the privately bred and owned (Falborek Arabians) Wasa a buyer paid 252 thousand Euro and for Melody (bred and owned by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak) as much as 60 thousand Euro during the Summer Sale. 


There was also a record number of buyers – the tables in the VIP sector during the National Show were so close that it was almost impossible to walk by. There were even – perhaps for the first time ever – guests from China. However the highest bid came not from the VIP sector, but from the honorary tribune. Pepita’s buyer, representing Switzerland, outbid offers from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and later came onto the arena to celebrate his success in the spotlights. The arena was buzzing not only from the loud music, but also from gossip. Such spectacular purchases are usually made by well known Arabian horse buyers – descending from the Middle East or the UK (Halsdon Arabians). This time was different, which caused a wave of speculation. For who was this buyer working for? Iran? UAE? Saudi Arabia? Will he prove to be trustworthy? We will have to wait for an answer. 


Mares as hot items


Meanwhile however Polish mares were snatched up like scarce goods during the communist era. Only four (Esmeta, Cyraneczka, Flaminia, Ewena) did not reach their reserve price and left the arena unsold, but probably even they will find new buyers in the days to come.


After the Janów-bred 2014 Polish National Champion Pepita (Ekstern – Pepesza/Eukaliptus), listed as Lot 1, came time for Michałów’s 21 year old Georgia (Monogramm – Gizela/Palas), the dam of World Champion Galilea. “For Georgia it is the last moment in terms of breeding, though with today’s breeding techniques she will still be able to produce several foals. She can also win at prestigious shows. This is an offer for a true connoisseur”, said Michałów director Jerzy Białobok before the sale. The connoisseur turned out to be Prince Abdulaziz bin Ahmad bin Abdulaziz, the owner of the Saudi Athbah Stud, which is already a home to several other Polish mares – Piacolla, Pomerania, Panika, Andaluzja, Ellissara, Etenta and Ermina. Because many horses purchased by Athbah Stud don’t leave Europe, remaining at European training centers, Georgia doesn’t have to worry about a radical change of climate. She will also probably meet her former stablemates from Poland. The mare achieved a price of 105 thousand Euro.


Lot 3, Janów’s Berenika (Eden C – Belgica/Gazal Al Shaqab) turned out to be slightly cheaper, but still quite expensive – 75 thousand Euro was offered for her by Suweco Stud from the Czech Republic. Lot 4 – multichampion Pistoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Palmira/Monogramm) from Michałów, rekindled the auction thrills. Her bidding ended with a staggering result of 625 thousand Euro and the lucky buyer was Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani from Al Zobair Stud, known for his respect and admiration towards Polish horses. Pistoria will definitely become a worthy successor at is stud to her grandam Palestra by Penitent.


A high price was also predicted in the case of Michałów’s Wieża Róż (Ekstern – Wieża Babel/Laheeb). And this soon proved true – the mare will go to Qatar (Al Thumama Stud) for the sum of 270 thousand Euro. Also to Qatar, to a new stud of an undisclosed name, will go the new record price holder for a private owned horse, Wasa (WH Justice – Waresa/Empres), the dam of the internationally successful Wersa (by Ekstern). Her bidding was very interesting, because the increments “dripped” by a thousand up to 204 thousand Euro, after which the price took off to 250 thousand. Finally an agent from Germany raised it to 252 thousand and that was that. In that moment the overall auction result surpassed 3 million Euro. 


There were so many Saudi buyers that sale announcer Anna Stojanowska said more than once: “The mare will traditionally go to Saudi Arabia”. The Saudis won Anilla by Pesal (35 thousand). Eustachia by QR Marc (21 thousand), Wkra by Gazal Al Shaqab (260 thousand), Nefertari by Piaff (20 thousand), Ganga by Emigrant (88 thousand), Argolida by Grafik (16 thousand) and Farsala by Laheeb (36 thousand). A new home in Kuwait will be found by Esidona by Galba (56 thousand), Eureda by Ekstern (65 thousand) and Febris by Amir Ashiraf (40 thousand). Panonia by Eukaliptus (67 thousand) will head to the UAE. Iran will take over Wadi Halfa by Ekstern (36 thousand).


Not counting the buyer of Pepita, only four non-Middle Eastern countries were actively represented during the auction: the Czech Republic, Austria (Pellena by Ganges, 17 thousand), Great Britain and Belgium. The purchases of Shirley Watts this year included the mares Adyga (Kahil Al Shaqab – Amiga/Piaff) – 130 thousand and Altamira (Ekstern – Altona/Eukaliptus) – 250 thousand. Another known breeder, Christine Jamar, enlarged her collection with El Ghazala (Ekstern – Emigracja/Palas) – 65 thousand among others.


Just the daughters of Ekstern brought in 2.86 million Euro during this year’s auction. Even if we add the 45 thousand achieved during the Summer Sale, it will be clear that the 21 year old Polish multichampion and sire deserves great congratulations!


On Monday (August 17th) the records continue


Not only the main sale, but also the Summer Sale can boast record prices. For Melody by Psytadel (S/14), bred and owned by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak, a buyer from Iran paid 60 thousand Euro. Up to now the highest price at the Summer Sale was 42 thousand Euro offered last year for Elfera. As a matter of fact the prices at this year’s Summer Sale turned out to be record-setting in general. For Perespa (Enzo – Polenta/Ecaho) buyers from Saudi Arabia paid 42 thousand, Egeriana (Poganin – Elizka/Pamir) will go to Kuwait for 31 thousand, Wersja by Poganin to Saudi Arabia for 35 thousand, Elara by Gazal Al Shaqab (Poland) – 39 thousand, Mata Hari (Werbum – Martynika/Monogramm) – 47 thousand, Natasza by Ekstern (Kuwait) – 31 thousand and Złota Księga by Ganges (Saudi Arabia) – 30 thousand. Only 2 mares did not reach their reserve price. Also the stallions, Espimar and Gaspar, remained unsold. 


An unparallel success of this year’s auction lets us remain calm about the future of Polish Arabians – at least in the near years, until the time for an economic downturn comes again. But even in times of crisis, as previous years have shown, the Polish studs are doing rather well.



(Net prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2015

(28 offered mares)


Pepita 1400 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Pistoria 625 thousand, UAE
Wieża Róż thousand, Qatar
Wkra 260 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Wasa 252 thousand, Qatar
Altamira 250 thousand, GB
Adyga 130 thousand, GB
Georgia 105 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Ganga 88 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Berenika 75 thousand, Czech Rep.
Panonia 67 thousand, UAE
El Ghazala 65 thousand, Belgium
Eureda 65 thousand, Kuwait
Esidona 56 thousand, Kuwait
Emmbelarda 46 thousand, Belgium
Febris 40 thousand, Kuwait
Farsala 36 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Wadi Halfa 36 thousand, Iran
Anilla 35 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Eustacha 21 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Nefertari 20 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Sanda 20 thousand, Belgiium
Pellena 17 thousand, Austria
Argolida 16 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Ewena sold after the auction for a not publicly given price

Summer Sale 2015

(29 offered mares nad 2 stallions)


Melody 60 thousand, Iran
Mata Hari 47 thousand, Kuwait
Perespa 46 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Elara 39 thousand, Poland
Wersja 35 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Egeriana 31 thousand, Kuwait
Natasza 31 thousand, Iran
Złota Księga 30 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Galeona 27 thousand, Kuwait
Bursa 23 thousand, Iran
Czateria 20 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Karbala 20 thousand, Kuwait
Estuma 18 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Zuzelia 17, 5 thousand, Kuwait
Etisa 17 thousand, (?)
Ereira 16 thousand, GB
Eyrynia 16 thousand, Kuwait
Brekina 15 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Euzetia 15 thousand, Poland
Miriana 14 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Papua 11 thousand, Kuwait
Fellena 11 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Grasantka 10 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Heriana 9 thousand, Kuwait
Baida 9 thousand, Sweden
Floriana 8 thousand, Poland
Elwa 8 thousand, Saudi Arabia


Read the whole article about the Arabian Horse Days 2015 (Record after record at the 2015 auction. The Nationals almost without private breeding) here

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