Pride of Poland 2014

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2014

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Piacolla, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda
Piacolla, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Breathtaking Piacolla (August 15th-17th)

If we were to assess the macroeconomic situation by the results of this year’s Pride of Poland Sale we should herald the end of all crises. However it is common knowledge that the Arabian horse market goes by its own rules and doesn’t necessarily reflect the global tendencies. Nevertheless a certain „sagging” could be felt over the last couple of years – there were less buyers, lower prices, more horses remained unsold. This time there was an air of optimism and the atmosphere of the auction itself was much better, because even those horses that returned to the stables unsold stirred interest – a huge feat, since in the past the auctioneer’s best efforts were sometimes met with a deadly silence. This year the auction was indeed a true gala of the Arabian horse and the buyers didn’t have to be begged to place quite high bids.

Prices and destinations
There weren’t any „high income” horses that would bring half a million euro, but nevertheless the vast majority of the horses changed owners. The public’s enthusiasm did well for the bidding. The highest sold horses, as expected, was the Michałów-bred young champion Piacolla (Enzo – Polonica/Ekstern). Just two years of age, she already has a huge collection of titles under her belt, including Junior Spring Show Champion Mare from Białka, Polish National Junior Champion from Janów Podlaski and European Junior Bronze Champion from Verona. The magnificent looking and full of charm bay filly was out of reach for many of the auction’s guests. The highest price – 305 thousand euro – was offered by Athbah Stud from Saudi Arabia. And so Piacolla will join other Polish mares (Pomerania, Panika, Andaluzja, Ellissara, Etenta and Ermina) already owned by Prince Abdulaziz bin Ahmad bin Abdulaziz. After a very promising beginning, when the first three offered mares readily found buyers (Gazal Al Shaqab daughters: Norma for 250 thousand euro to Al Muawd Stud from Saudi Arabia, Perfirka for 220 thousand euro to Cedar Ridge Arabians from the US and Alabama for 165 thousand euro to Qatar), there was a slight musical break before the „entrance of the dragon”, namely – the bidding for Piacolla (Lot 4). And though after her sale the tension subsided somewhat, the buyers still kept the momentum going. Already Lot 7 – Wieża Marc’a (by QR Marc), sold for 70 thousand euro to Sinus Arabian Stud (Sweden) – broke the barrier of one million euro. Two millions were „broken” after the sale of another Gazal Al Shaqab daughter, Windawa (45 thousand euro, Saudi Arabia). The overall outcome of the Sunday sale amounted to 2.074 million euro.

The purchases of Shirley Watts (UK) this year included three mares: Cenoza by Ekstern (240 thousand euro), Emantia by Emigrant (180 thousand euro) and Alhambra by Ecaho (140 thousand euro). What’s interesting is that the Halsdon Arabians breeder usually buys horses from Janów, but this time she decided also on a Michałów purchase (Emantia). Two horses from the main sale will remain in Poland: Pustynna Róża by Emigrant (15 thousand) and Piraneza by Ecaho (36 thousand). The first will enrich the stud of StanRed Arabians and the second of PPH Parys. Out of the stallions offered at the Summer Sale only one found a buyer – Pegasus (Gazal Al Shaqab – Pepesza/Eukaliptus) and he will also stay in Poland. Only Europia, Chimera, Dębowa Polana and Elima left the ring unsold, but in the course of post-sale negotiations the last two found buyers soon after.

Clients from Iran made themselves seen with their purchases of Papusza (20 thousand), Piera (81 thousand), Zigana (34 thousand), Perrara (7 thousand) and during the Summer Sale – Herminja (7 thousand). Monday’s Summer Sale revealed that new destinations for Arabian horses are in the making: heading for Namibia (Africa) are three daughters of Ganges: Janów’s Eora (12 thousand) and Czartana (10 thousand) and Michałów’s Drzewica (18 thousand).

The private breeders also had reasons to celebrate. Fortycja (Pegasus – Florencja/Oset) from Bełżyce Stud was sold to Saudi Arabia for 80 thousand, Falborek’s Szanta (Ekstern – Słonka/Wojsław) to Germany for 24 thousand, whereas Przemysław Sawicki’s Lenka (Piaff – Ludmiła/Pesal) also went to Germany for 37 thousand. Not to mention the rather large sums that the Monday Summer Sale brought. Its record holder was the Lech Błaszczyk bred Elfera (Psytadel – Eiffla/Ekstern). Buyers from Saudi Arabia paid 42 thousand. The yearling Zinaria (Shanghai E.A. – Zeksterna/Ekstern, Czeple Arabians) achieved 20 thousand (Saudi Arabia); Bint Mama (Marajj – Bint Moleta/Ecaho) from Falborek – 16 thousand (Kuwait); similarly her stablemate Sotika (WH Justice – Słonka/Wojsław), which will head for Germany; Moja Miła (Złocień – Malowana Lala/Empres) of Krzysztof Falba – 23 thousand (Saudi Arabia), Ewitacja (Ganges – Ewunia/Etogram) from Mała Wieś – 7,5 thousand (Saudi Arabia), Missouri (Wachlarz – Mina/Monogramm) – 14 thousand (Saudi Arabia). Only three mares from the Summer Sale remained unsold (out of 26) which is an unusual result in comparison to previous sales (last year only 8 were sold out of the 26 offered). The concept of creating a separate Monday sale appears to be a huge hit and seems to be developing in the right direction.



(Net prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2014

(28 mares offered in the catalogue, 1 withdrawn, 27 present)


Piacolla 305 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Norma 250 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Cenoza 240 thousand, GB
Perfirka 220 thousand, USA
Emantia 180 thousand, GB
Alabama 165 thousand, Qatar
Alhambra 140 thousand, GB
Piera 81 thousand, Iran
Fortycja 80 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Wieża Marc’a 70 thousand, Sweden
Zadora 47 thousand, UAE
Windawa 45 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Lenka 37 thousand, Germany
Piraneza 36 thousand, Poland
Zigana 34 thousand, Iran
Szanta 24 thousand, Germany
Primawera 22 thousand, Belgium
Czarnota 20 thousand, Qatar
Hestia 20 thousand, Russia
Papusza 20 thousand, Iran
Elima 15 thousand, GB
Pustynna Róża 15 thousand, Poland
Huella 12 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Perrara 11 thousand, Iran
Dębowa Polana sold after the auction for a not publicly given price to Australia


Summer Sale 2014

(28 mares offered in the catalogue, 1 withdrawn, 27 present and 3 stallions)


Elfera 42 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Espa 30 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Emberiza 26 thousand, GB
Moja Miła 23 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Zinaria 20 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Drzewica 18 thousand, Namibia
Bint Mama 16 thousand, Kuwait
Sotika 16 thousand, Germany
Lanckorona 15,5 thousand, Kuwait
Missouri 14 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Eora 12 thousand, Namibia
Bordiura 11 thousand, Kuwait
Emfonia 11 thousand, Belgium
Czartana 10 thousand, Namibia
Eskarina 10 thousand, Kuwait
Bajana 9 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Elfuria 9 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Erie 9 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Ellua 8 thousand, UAE
Ewitacja 7,5 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Celma 7 thousand, Kuwait
Cyrwila 7 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Herminja 7 thousand, Iran
Gemellia sold after the auction for a not publicly given price to do USA
Piktawia sold after the auction for a not publicly given price to Poland

Pegasus 16 thousand, Poland


You can find the whole article about the Arabian Horse Days 2014 (Janów Podlaski 2014: Sensational Equator, breathtaking Piacolla) here


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