Pride of Poland 2011

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2011

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Piacenza, by Marta Baranowska
Piacenza, by Marta Baranowska

Harvest time. Arabian Horse Days – Poland 2011 (August 5th-7th)


The Arabian Horse Days, which take place in August, are the crowning event of a year’s – sometimes more – worth of breeders’ work. Considering that the event coincides with the harvest, a certain analogy comes to mind, as in both cases it is the time of reaping the results of hard labor. We have become used to blaming the changeable weather for crop failure, but let’s not forget that a properly prepared soil can to a large extent prevent against temporary unfavorable conditions… Have the breeders prepared themselves for the unfavorable aura, which has come upon us with the economic crisis and did they manage to reap such crops as they have hoped?




Last year Białka Stud put up six mares on the main auction list (one was ultimately withdrawn), with only two of them finding buyers. The bay Perita (Ekstern – Perforacja/Ernal) was sold to France for 22 thousand euro, while the grey Natea (Gazal Al Shaqab – Nutella/Pers) headed to Kuwait for the price of 23 thousand euro. The aggregate amounted to a rather small sum of 64 thousand euro, out of which just 45 thousand was paid for horses off the main list. This year the decision was made to decrease the number of horses and to increase the quality of the offer. And so only three mares were chosen to represent Białka at the 2011 Pride of Poland. The first of these, the grey Fabryszka (out of Fula/Partner), a true daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab who proudly displayed a long arched neck and struck a statue-like pose, became one of the stars of the auction. After a fierce bidding she achieved the third highest result of the sale – 150 thousand euro! With that she wrote herself down in history, beside the sold in 2006 for 160 thousand euro to Australia Hula (Penthagonn – Hulanka/Eukaliptus), as one of the highest price-fetching graduates of the youngest Arabian State Stud.


The second of the offered mares, the gifted with outstanding Arabian type and a beautifully carried swan-like neck Camilia (Piaff – Calineczka/Metropolis NA) was the youngest of the mares appointed for sale this year (Piacenza is 20 days older), but one that could already boast successful show starts. Her young age gives reason to hope that there are more of those still ahead of her. She will soon travel 15 thousand kilometers to her new home, as she was sold for 60 thousand euro to Australia*. The third, Hulala, did not achieve her reserve price.


The offer from Białka was complemented with the Polish National Junior Champion from 2007, the expressively moving Celsjusz (Ekstern – Carina/Pesal). The stallion was purchased by Mohamed Omar from Egypt for the price of 20 thousand euro. This may not seem like a stunning amount, but in these times it is difficult to sell a stallion. Summing up, Białka Stud earned a total of 230 thousand euro, which is an almost fourfold increase as compared to last year.


Janów Podlaski


Last year Janów Podlaski Stud was the only one that had fended off the crisis, earning as much as 560 thousand euro. This year the financial result is even better! The stud’s treasury will collect a total of 749 thousand euro, due mainly to the spectacular sale of Palabra (Enzo – Palmeta/Ecaho) for 400 thousand euro to Saudi Arabia.


A round sum of 100 thousand euro was paid by Athbah Stud from Saudi Arabia for the dam of last year’s Polish National Senior Champion Stallion, the grey Andaluzja (Sanadik El Shaklan – Antwerpia/Eternit). A large surprise was also the extremely good sale of the black Ekstern daughter Sarbia (out of Samura/Ararat) for 85 thousand euro. The mare was purchased by Shirley Watts from Halsdon Arabians, perhaps because of the mare’s future offspring by HS Etiquette. Below expectations was the price achieved for the dam of Poganin, the grey, flea-bitten Pohulanka (Pepton – Pestka/Probat), who brought just 35 thousand euro for her home stud. The mare will head for France, to Lutetia Arabians.




The largest takings can be boasted by Michałów Stud, who sold 9 out of the 12 offered mares for the sum of 779 thousand euro and an additional 61,5 thousand euro from the Selection Sale. The total of 840,5 thousand euro, as compared to last year’s 368,7 thousand euro, must be considered a very good result. Although there were times when that result was even greater, as two years ago the aggregate amounted to more than one million euro and a year before that, thanks to the sale of Kwestura, this sum reached nearly two million euro!


The star of the 42nd Pride of Poland Auction, the grey Piacenza (QR Marc – Primawera/Emigrant), was ultimately secured by Greg Gallun for Al Shahania Stud, who paid 475 thousand euro. A decent amount of 125 thousand euro was collected for the 15 year old Panika (Eukaliptus – Plisa/Probat), whose characteristic mark on her head makes her a one of a kind – unique and recognizable. She will take up her new home in Saudi Arabia. A certain disappointment was the bidding of Wieża Babel (Laheeb – Wiaźma/Arbil), which will now call France (Lutetia Arabians) her new home. This mare, boasting both show and breeding successes, was sold for 20 thousand euro without any fight.


Private breeding


The private breeders put up a group of highly decorated young mares for the 2011 auction. The average age of the three offered horses was 5 years and is 3,5 lower than that of the representatives of the Agricultural Property Agency which amounted to 8,5. The total outcome of the “private” sales amounted to 118 thousand euro, out of which half of this amount was made by the wielder of an international pedigree Kashira (Magnum Psyche – Kahila IV/Ibn Bint Inas), bred by Stanisław Redestowicz and owned by Bełżyce Arabians. A champion from the Drammen, Casino Cup in Baden and St. Petersburg shows displayed top form and an additional treat in the shape of a confirmed pregnancy to Ajman Moniscione. This undoubtedly encouraged the buyer from Australia*, who paid 57 thousand euro for her. Kashira will be accompanied on this long journey by Lot 3, the also much decorated Bajaderka (Złocień – Bagatela/Pesal), bred by Agricola Farm and owned by Monika Luft, who was sold for the price of 30 thousand euro. The Autumn Show Junior Champion from 2008, Pasterna (Ekstern – Pasywa/Wachlarz), bred and owned by Lech Błaszczyk, will not have to travel as far, as for the amount of 31 thousand her destination will be the Czech Republic.


Whereas the Selection Sale saw 7 private-bred mares change owners, for the total amount of 57 thousand euro. The highest price, 14,5 thousand euro, was fetched for the mare Waresa (Empres – Włócznia/Borek), bred and owned by Falborek Aabians, which will make her way to France. Her good result probably stemmed from the fact that she is a proven broodmare, having foaled the 2007 Junior Spring Show Reserve Champion Wasa (by WH Justice).




In 2008 the auction’s aggregate amounted to 3 million euro, a year later to 2,5 million and in 2010 – just a little above 1 million. It was speculated that the slump in the market might last several years, but as we can see, a diligently prepared offer can prevent a crisis growth to a large extent. There will always be those eager and willing to pay for beautiful and highly decorated horses and the auction’s stars will draw masses of clients. This year’s result nearing 2 million euro shows that the concept of decreasing the number of offered mares to 30, offering younger, already highly decorated horses, as well as setting reasonable reserve prices for the older horses, can bring an intended result. It would perhaps be a good idea to increase the amount of private-bred mares boasting breeding and show successes to at least five in the place of weaker State Stud horses, which have been previously offered at the regular monthly tenders. That would change the atmosphere which to some of us resembles the former political system, when goods had to be rationed.


*the horses sold to Australia were not collected.


(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2011
(30 offered mares and i 2 stallions)


Piacenza 475 thousand, USA
Palabra 400 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Fabryszka 150 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Panika 125 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Andaluzja 100 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Sarbia 85 thousand, GB
Camilia 60 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Kashira 57 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Forminga 46 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Bohema 42 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Egzonera 40 thousand, USA
Pohulanka 35 thousand, France
Pasterna 31 thousand, Czech Republic
Bajaderka 30 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Entima 28 thousand, GB
Luanda 25 thousand, Poland
Ebora 20 thousand, Czech Republic
Wieża Babel 20 thousand, France
Grobla 20 thousand, GB
Watra 10 thousand, France
Cisowa 8 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Adelina 8 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Cetula 8 thousand, Australia (not collected)


Celsjusz 20 thousand, Egypt


Selection Sale 2011
(29 offered mares, 1 withdrawn, 28 present, 3 stallions)


Waresa 15 thousand, France
Wegaza 14,5 thousand, GB
Fuksja 11,5 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Pasadena 10,5 thousand, USA
Estorissa 10 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Elsterina 8 thousand, Qatar
Alta 7 thousand, Germany
Wahida 7 thousand, Germany
Echmea 6 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Epifa 6 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Satenia 6 thousand, France
Salta 5 thousand, Belgium
Eila 4,5 thousand, Belgium
Pereja 4,5 thousand, Qatar
Efrodycja 4 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Estanteria 4 thousand, Australia (not collected)
Eulera 4 thousand, Germany
Willa Rosa 3 thousand, Germany


Zigi Zan 21 thousand, Australia (not collected, sold later to Sweden)


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