Pride of Poland 2009

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2009

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Pinta, by Katarzyna Dolińska
Pinta, by Katarzyna Dolińska

The Tradition and Modernity


After the last year`s, spectacular success of unbeaten Pianissima and the record-setting sale of the World Champion Mare Kwestura for 1 125 000 EUR, we thought that for next emotions of the comparable size we`d have to wait a long time. Achieving such high standards again became a real challenge for the organizers, who had to prepare another sales list, attractive enough to encourage the buyers from all over the world. There appeared, however, some doubts, if the global financial crisis didn`t negatively influence the sales results, by discouraging certain foreign breeders?

Pride of Poland Sale

The National Show was run in an idyllic atmosphere, whereas since the very beginning of the auction it turned into chaos; lack of music, a sleepy audience and complete lack of a mood that should be present at this kind of event. Only presentation of a touching movie about Pianissima and her newborn filly, delivered in a natural way, charming, bay Pia by Ganges, what preceded the first bidding – of Lot 0, Pianissima 2010 Produce – warmed up the atmosphere. In fact, a film showing the Multichampion grazing fresh, green grass, with her joyfully playing filly, made a perfect sales gimmick, arousing emotions of a potential owner of a future foal out of that unique mare. This way the first sale of an unborn foal in the history of Janów Auction proved successful – the owners of Royal Arabians Stud, from the US, paid 175 000 EUR for the possibility of fulfilling their dream about introducing their own breeding conception with the most beautiful mare in the world.

This bidding was really fascinating, but afterwards emotions subsided – the next two mares, Pelota and Elgara, didn’t achieved their reserve prices, so left the ring unsold. Did it mean, that because of the crisis spectators from all over the world were to replace buyers? A slight anxiety appeared, the more, that during the bidding of chestnut Fallada (Monogramm – Fanaberia/Probat), who achieved 480 000 EUR, the auctioneer declared, that the mare didn`t reach her reserve price. However, Jerzy Zbyszewski, who commented the sale, gave a contrary information, that the mare was sold, but did not say where. It was Mrs. Shirley Watts from Great Britain who broke the losing streak, offering 230 000 EUR for the daughter of Pipi, the bay Preria. Several minutes later she gave 500 000 EUR for the young mare Pinta (Ekstern – Pilar/Fawor), initiating the every year`s competition for the most attractive horses.


Summarizing, at the main sale entered were 33 mares of the highest quality. Sold were 27 of them (Fallada, as we found out, as eventually sold after the sale by way of negotiation to Knocke Arabians, Belgium, for 465 000 EUR), including 3 mares sold just after the auction (Pelota, Nike, Basta). Only three ones were unsold, what made a completely satisfying result, comparing to the last year`s auction, when 1/3 from the entered 37 mares returned to the stables. The total sum achieved at the main auction resulted 2 444 000 EUR – the figure slightly lower than last year. One must, however, notice, that last year`s total financial effect was caused mostly by the spectacular transaction of selling Kwestura for the record-breaking sun of 1 125 000 EUR. On the other hand, this year`s average price per head – 81 000 EUR – was 5 000 EUR higher than the last year`s one (excluding Kwestura). For 6 times achieved were sums higher than 100 000 EUR, what proved, that the crisis didn`t finally influenced the Janów Auction, successful enough.

The auction itself, however, ended with a slight feeling of dissatisfaction, quick falls of the hammer, discontentment of the buyers, repeated biddings and a heavy and strangely stiff atmosphere… Expected was a great show, the more that in the corner of the hall set was a large outdoor screen, displaying not only the Lot 0 offer, but some special film produced earlier, accompanying the bidding for each horse. All that was, after all, deprived of the specific charm and magic, typical for the previous auctions and shows. Why the auction had to be conducted in a deaf silence, whereas during the National Show the DJ could display music suitable for different age groups and even for the weather and general atmosphere?


This year`s event organizers proved, that many faults might be improved, many novelties and facilities might be introduced. Let`s hope then, that in the next year the event will be organized much better, whereas Polish Arabians will never lose their high rank in the World, elaborated by centuries.

(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2009
(33 mares offered, 3 stallions)


Pinta 500 thousand, GB
Fallada (sold after the auction) 465 thousand, Belgium
Preria 230 thousand, GB

Pianissima 2010 Produce 175 thousand, USA
Emika 120 thousand, Belgium
Felicjana 105 thousand, Middle East
Estaka 80 thousand, Poland
Euscera 65 thousand, USA
Złota Orchidea 65 thousand, Belgium
Filistia 62 thousand, Kuwait
Lozanna 58. thousand, Middle East
Granada 52 thousand, USA
Bellanda 50 thousand, Belgium
Halima 45 thousand, USA
Poksa 40 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Elimeja 36 thousand, France
Pogoda 30 thousand, Middle East
Elmina 25 thousand, Qatar
Nina 25 thousand, Qatar
Tonacja 20 thousand, USA
Wizga 20 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Walpurgia 16 thousand, USA
Euspiria 11 thousand, France
Samura 11 thousand, Australia
Faseta 10 thousand, UAE
Cesena 8 thousand, Qatar
Droga Mleczna 8 thousand, Qatar
Emkira 8 thousand, Kuwait
Basta sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Qatar
Nike sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Qatar
Pelota sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Qatar


Eliat 15 thousand, UAE

Selection Sale 2009
(26 mares offered, 8 stallions)

Erabea 25 thousand, South Africa
Gemellia 21 thousand, Poland
Egzala (with colt by Enzo) 13 thousand, Kuwait
Panakeja 7 thousand, Norway
Bint Marafia 6 thousand, Germany
Preferans 6 thousand, GB
Pisa 5 thousand, Poland
Agilla 4,5 thousand, Belgium
Tamit 4 thousand, France
Bochemia 3 thousand, France
El Tessa 3 thousand, Australia
Empira 3 thousand, Poland
Finetta 3 thousand, USA
Piawa 3 thousand, Poland


Lissar 19 thousand, Denmark
Eol 12 thousand, France
Piber sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Qatar


You can read the article “The Tradition and Modernity. A summarization of the 2009 Pride of Poland Janów Podlaski sale” with the photos from the Polish Nationals 2009 and the Sale here

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