Pride of Poland 2008

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2008

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Kwestura, by Katarzyna Dolińska
Kwestura, by Katarzyna Dolińska

A historic record: 1,125 million for Kwestura! (author: Monika Luft)


This year’s Pride of Poland Sale in Janów Podlaski closed off with an aggregate of 3,186,000 euro. A million and one hundred twenty five thousand euro was paid by a stud from the Middle East – Ajman Stud – for World Champion Kwestura. The first to be auctioned off was Wróżka, for whom a buyer from Belgium paid 52 thousand euro. Next entered Kwestura and immediately the temperature of the sale increased significantly. The bidding amount instantly sky-rocketed to a couple thousand euro. When it reached 950 thousand George Z, who was commenting the sale, said: “This is a historic moment for the Janów Sale. We reached 950 thousand euro and we bid on!”. A moment later the offered amount surpassed one million and stopped at 1,125,000.


It is the highest sold Polish Arabian. As a reminder, the record-holder up to now – Penicylina – was auctioned off at the Polish Ovation Sale (1985) in the US for 1,5 million dollars. After converting to dollars, Kwestura’s price today would be about 1,750,000 dollars.


The audience bid farewell to the phenomenal chestnut from Michałów with loud applause. Now she will be the centerpiece of a Middle Eastern herd, still bringing fame to Polish breeding.


After a record price, achieved by Michałów’s Kwestura, the next highest-sold mare turned out to be Janów’s Eukaliptus daughter Amra, for whom the last bid amounted to 340 thousand euro. The mare will head to Great Britain, just like the next Eldon daughter – Andromeda (270 thousand euro). Ellissara from Michałów found a new home in Saudi Arabia – the buyers splashed out 240 thousand euro for her. High prices, over 50 thousand euro, were also achieved by: Wróżka (52), Egea (160), Ekina (100), Peczora (90), the private-bred (by Stanisław Redestowicz) and owned (by Tomasz Tarczyński) Emegna (60), the bought by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak Dormeza (65), a second mare bred by Stanisław Redestowicz – Bellissima (80) and Ewina (55). There was a lack of spectacular offers from the United States – whether due to the crisis, or the low rate of the dollar, the American buyers did not bid high. The highest-sold horse across the pond turned out to be Erotika (40 thousand euro). Many mares went back to their stables unsold. There were no buyers during the auction for Białka’s Pereira, Arvena and Estrelia, nor Michałów’s Wesoła Nowina, Dombra and Diastema, nor Janów’s Salamina, Eukomia and Epoka, though some of them found new owners right after the sale.


Compared to last year’s sale, when nearly all the horses were sold, the demand much decreased. It is even more surprising, as the interest in the sale surpassed all expectations – already two weeks before the auction there were no VIP cards available. It was indeed rather crowded during the sale and championships, though evidently it did not result in just as large number of buyers. Nevertheless the auction surely has to be considered a success – the spectacular sale of Kwestura is without a doubt a huge promotion of Polish breeding.


This year the Silent Sale took on a new form and a new name – the Selection Sale. The bidding was made public and took place on the arena, however without the presence of the horses. Only horses with declarations of purchase interest submitted were bid on – and some of them achieved much higher prices than the cheapest mares from the main sale. And so Pilbara was sold to the Czech Republic for 22 thousand euro, Prusja to Kuwait for 21 thousand, while Piana to France for 15 thousand. The other prices did not exceed 10 thousand: Bola (8 thousand, Sweden), El Seribe (7 thousand, Poland), Eriboja (10), Oriwia (6 – USA), Penalba (9), Petronia (5 – Brazil), Sokołda (5 – France), Sonora (7 – Austria), Stigma (7 – France), Wenus (7 – Great Britain). In addition two stallions sold for rather high prices: Pentamer to France for 31 thousand, Gorec to the US for 21 thousand.


You can read the full article “A historic record: 1,125 million for Kwestura! Pianissima Best in Show” here


Janów Podlaski 2008 – a new era comes (author: Rafał Czarnecki)


The jubilee 30th Polish National Show and 39th sale (since 2001 known as “Pride of Poland”) was a groundbreaking event for Polish breeding. The spectacular success of private bred horses, the sale record price of a Polish-bred horse, and the foreign sires influence – point the new direction for the Arabian horse breeding in Poland.


Beautifully surrounded Janów Podlaski Stud is a truly “horse paradise” with its noble creatures – Arabian horses. In the barns designed by famous Henryk Marconi each year a number of great horses are being born and are carrying the name of this place all over the world. It is also the place where since 1979 the best Polish bred horses can be seen at the Polish National Show.


Every year this peaceful place becomes the Arabian horse breeding capital. This year again thousands of guests visited the stud; two weeks before the event all the VIP tickets were sold! The reason was obvious: not always one can see so many Arabian famous stars gathered at one small area, including three world champion mares: 2000 Junior Champion Emmona (Monogramm – Emilda/Pamir), undefeated Pianissima (Gazal Al Shaqab – Pianosa/Eukaliptus) and lot A of the 2008 Pride of Poland sale, 2007 World Champion mare Kwestura (Monogramm – Kwesta/Pesennik).


The sale


It was 39th time when the buyers from all over the world came to Janów Podlaski – including the guests from USA, Australia, Brazil, Middle East and Europe. The sale was highly appreciated as for the first time since the last two decades such a noble mare was going to be the star of the offer – 2007 World Champion Kwestura. At the main sale there were 37 top selected mares and 25 of them were sold, nearly 1/3 was not sold that – comparing with the last year with 26 mares and only one not sold – was not such a big achievement. Even when the total amount of the sale was impressive and reached 3 million euro but, excluding Kwestura, the total income was lower than in the past in ca. 500 000 euro. Last year 7 mares reached the total of 100 000 euro or over; this time besides Kwestura – five. Also the average price per horse was worse for 3000 euro than the year before (this time 74 000 excluding Kwestura). Even if the total income was amazing the overall interest in the sale lowered and only a few horses purchased for big amounts made a good final result.


The first one on the ring appeared lot number 1 – black Ganges daughter Wróżka out of Wipera by Fawor. The buyers from Belgium paid for her 52 000 euro. After that with an extending trot cheered with amazed spectators Kwestura appeared on the ring. She electrified the crowds and the atmosphere warmed up with the price flying up to 350 000 euro in the first minute of bidding and to 600 000 in the second one. The fact that Kwestura is in foal to the fashionable QR Marc was an additional plus of the offer. The bidding ended with 1.125.000 euro and Middle Eastern Ajman Stud is Kwestura’s new owner – however the bidding seemed to be controversial as after it ended a kind of misunderstanding has appeared and Christine Jamar bidding for her client was very upset.


The next came Janów-bred Cefeida, purchased for 25 000 to the US. Cefeida was one of the 7 mares sold to North America for only ca 130 000 euro with highest sold horse Erotika (40 000 euro). Lots of past buyers didn’t come this year as the Sloan brothers for instance; additionally a low price of US dollar in Europe is also a matter of fact.


The first mare offered by Białka Stud, Calineczka by Metropolis NA, was not sold as well as Cirsza and Pereira (both sold after the auction), Arvena and Estrelia. Białka-bred mares were coming back to the stables usually without reaching their minimum prices that was quite surprising as some of the price offers were attractive. The buyers were very strict this year anyway so Białka had no problem with selling the beautiful Ekina with her exotic head (for which she was scored at Białka show with the highest scores of the show – even higher than the world champion Emandoria). Ekina was sold to Begium for 100 000 euro.


Janów Podlaski stud put also a very attractive star at this year’s sale – Polish National Junior Champion and Best in Show in 2002, the charismatic Amra by Eukaliptus. For 340 000 euro she was purchased by The Rolling Stones drummer wife – Mrs. Shirley Watts. Her Halsdon Arabians will also be joined by Eldon daughter Andromeda, sold for 270 000 euro. The interesting offer was also the young black Elwinga by HS Pirandelo (Pilot – Elekcja/Etogram) – a pure Polish stallion that was on lease from Shirley Watts. This Junior Champion Mare of Bełżyce Show in Poland was purchased to Belgium.


Michałów Stud besides the spectacular Kwestura gained the record prices for its daughters of Laheeb (Imperial Imdal – AK Latifa/Ibn Moniet El Nefous) – being on lease to Poland in 1999. He sired a number of excellent progeny and was used again this year. The excellent mover Egea out of Egna by Eukaliptus was magnetic for the buyers and gained the amount of 160 000 euro from the clients from Saudi Arabia as well as an other Laheeb daughter bred by Michałów, Ellissara purchased for the high amount of 240 000 euro. One of the high sellers was also a daughter of Emigrant (sold to the US not long ago), the flea-bitten Peczora (90 000 euro) and his granddaughter Dormeza (Ekstern – Dobrzyca/Emigrant), in foal to Laheeb, purchased by Polish breeders Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak for 65 000 euro.


Polish breeders were not only buying but also successfully offering their horses for sale. First of three private owned mares – Garuna was sold to the UK for 47 000 euro, the second one Emegna (the only Magnum Psyche daughter offered) was purchased for 60 000 euro to Saudi Arabia Third – Bellissima was the highest selling private bred and owned horse of this sale purchased for 80 000 euro to Saudi Arabia as well.

An interesting offer was also presented this year at the Selection Sale, modified Silent Sale so far. The bidding was public as the main auction, but only the horses that had earlier inquiries went on bid. Bidding itself was the same as the main auction but without horses on the ring. I don’t think was a good idea at all! If the bidding is public, what sense does it make to watch the empty arena? 


The historical sale brought Poland the total of 3175000 euro, with 1/3 part for World Champion Kwestura that became the highest selling Polish horse ever beating the record price of Penicylina made in 1985 at the Polish Ovation auction – $1,5 million.


For me was lacking the show atmosphere that could have been seen in the past. The sad music in backgrounds was not warming up the spectators nor buyers and no one was encouraging people to cheer the bidding. Where was the amazing atmosphere and shaking showground with “We Will Rock You” as the background?


The few spectators that lasted until the evening parade of Janów Podlaski Stud were awarded by a truly dessert of this event. When the lights turned off the painting of Juliusz Kossak: “Tadeusz Kościuszko portrait” appeared on the screen. Simultaneously a historically dressed rider came into the arena riding dark bay Esturion – looking exactly the same as the painting. It was a really impressive look! The next to appear were: the portrait “Amazon” with the stallion Album under Danuta Konończuk in sidesaddle and Salar presented in hand in red woolen halter as a desert bred horse leaded by Emir Rzewuski. The next painting – “Going to the haunting” by Jerzy Kossak was cheerfully greeted by the audience when three stallions appeared: bay Aslan and grey Perseusz and Eskulap with three Polish hounds leaded by hunters. It was like going to the past – but the next scene was even more moving: the illustration of the painting “Lancer and a girl”. The lancer entered riding dark bay Esturion accompanied by Polish folk dressed girl carrying bunch of roses. It was an exceptional show ending the whole event.


Polish breeders divide a year into before- and after Janów. This year the event was really special. National Show has proven the abilities of Polish private breeding; the one and only Pianissima gathered crowds of her fans and made the breeders thinking if there is anything more beautiful that one can breed? But we should also consider where is the limit of beauty and overrefinement… Kwestura was a real star of the auction and has beaten the price record of the past 20 years. 149 horses entered to the Nationals (138 participated) showed the big Polish tradition of breeding Arabian horses. Polish Arabian horse – thanks to the dedicated people – survived from the wars and nowadays has the deepest registered pedigrees in the world. The new era for Polish breeding that many of us were predicting some years ago – comes now. 


(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2008
(36 offered mares)

Kwestura 1.125 thousand, Ajman (UAE)
Amra 340 thousand, GB
Andromeda 270 thousand, GB
Ellissara 240 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Egea 160 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Ekina 100 thousand, Belgium
Peczora 90 thousand, GB
Bellissima 80 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Emegna 60 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Dormeza 65 thousand, Poland
Ewina 55 thousand, Brazil
Wróżka 52 thousand, Belgium
Garuna 47 thousand, GB
Elwinga 42 thousand, Belgium
Erotika 40 thousand, USA
Sawantka 37 thousand, Belgium
Eutenia 35 thousand, France
Husara 27 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Cefeida 25 thousand, USA
Ellanda 21 thousand, USA
Emeeria 21 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Parola 15 thousand, Italy
Bałaguła 13 thousand, USA
Alberina 12 thousand, USA
Agora 12 thousand, USA
Fukara 10 thousand, USA
Cirsza sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to France
Pereira sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to GB
Diastema sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Kuwait


Seletion Sale 2008
(22 offered mares, 2 withdrawn, 20 present, 11 stallions, 2 withdrawn, 9 present)


Pilbara 22 thousand, Czech Republic
Prusja 21 thousand, Kuwait
Piana 15 thousand, France
Eriboja 10 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Penalba 9 thousand, Saudi Arabia
Bola 8 thousand, Sweden
El Seribe 7 thousand, Poland
Sonora 7 thousand, Austria
Stigma 7 thousand, France
Wenus 7 thousand, GB
Oriwia 6 thousand, USA
Petronia 5 thousand, Brazil
Sokołda 5 thousand, France
Cerer sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Switzerland


Pentamer 31 thousand, France
Gorec 21 thousand, USA


You can find the whole article “Janów Podlaski 2008 – a new era comes. Summing up the Nationals and the Pride of Poland sale” here


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