Pride of Poland 2005

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2005

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Elandra (Aachen 2009), by Erwin Escher
Elandra (Aachen 2009), by Erwin Escher

The 36th Auction took place on August 14th, 2005. Sold through the Pride of Poland Sale were 22 mares and 2 stallions. The highest price was achieved by the pretty and subtle, though bearing a good racing career (coefficient of success: 2.02), milky-white mare Elandra 1995 (Monogramm – Erlanda/Eukaliptus), bred by Michałów Stud – 290 thousand euro, sold to the US (LLC Piaff Partnership). That was also the destination of another representative of Janów’s A-named equines, with dryness and beauty characteristic for this damline – Amba, grey 2001 (Eukaliptus – Albigowa/Fawor), 85 thousand euro. There were also new buyers – from Martinique and Azerbaijan (countries regaining their independence after the collapse of the USSR began rebuilding their own breeding livestock). And so the client from Martinique bought two mares, Girlanda, grey 1992 (Eukaliptus – Giza/Pepton), bred by Michałów Stud and owned by Leszek Jarmuż, for 10,000 euro and Enisia, grey 1995 (Sinus – Erytrea/Andrut), bred by Jacek Żurowski, for 32 thousand euro. Whereas the buyer from Azerbaijan appeared to focus on racing, since he bought the favourite for the Oaks and daughter of an Oaks winner – the mare Gryzetka, bay 1993 (Wojsław – Garonna/Fanatyk), bred by Michałów Stud, coefficient of success 2.9, for the price of 16 thousand euro (however she was not collected after the sale) and two Derby winners: the stallion Gafal, chestnut 1998 (Pamir – Gratka/Arbil), bred by Jan Głowacki, coefficient of success 11.22 and Ostragon, grey 1994 (Pers – Osełka/Palas), bred by Białka Stud, coefficient of success 10.88, gifted with outstanding movement, as well as willingness to work with man. The overall outcome of the Pride of Poland Sale resulted in 953 thousand euro.


The LLC Piaff Partnership (USA) also leased the new-elected Polish National Champion Stallion – Piaff.


(Fragment of the unpublished book by Prof. Krystyna Chmiel “Two centuries of Polish Arabian horse breeding – new chapters. Years: 1979 – 1989. Years: 1990-2010”)


(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2005
(30 offered mares, 3 stallions)


Elandra 290 thousand, USA
Amba 85 thousand, USA
Larissa 80 thousand, USA
Eberia 54 thousand, Belgium
Celna 36 thousand, USA
Zuzanna 36 thousand, USA
Enisia 32 thousand, Martinique
Eria 32 thousand, South Africa
Eqviria 30 thousand, USA
Ernesta 28 thousand, USA
Pustynna Tarcza 28 thousand, USA
Bajada 26 thousand, USA
Egzyna 22 thousand, Poland
Prawica 22 thousand, GB
Fiszka 21 thousand, Poland
Aleuta 16 thousand, Poland
Frontiera 16 thousand, Poland
Gryzetka 16 thousand, Azerbaijan (not collected after the sale)
Girlanda 10 thousand, Martinique
Wigna 10 thousand, Israel
Elicja 7 thousand, Italy
Fuzja 7 thousand, Poland
Algira sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to USA
Heroldia sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to USA


Gafal 35 thousand, Azerbaijan
Ostragon 13 thousand, Azerbaijan


Silent Sale 2005
(17 offered mares, 2 withdrawn, 15 present, 11 stallions)


Balerina 5 thousand, France
Ferri 5 thousand, GB
Zamiana 5 thousand, Sweden
Barba 4 thousand, Poland
Elice sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Ireland


Emiliusz 8,8 thousand, Sweden
Wołyń 7,75 thousand, Germany
Arad sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to GB


The original article with photos can be found here

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