Pride of Poland 2006

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2006

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Gehenna, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda
Gehenna, by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Arabians for the Antipodes


2006 Pride of Poland sale will be the memorable one and however there was no record price for one horse the total amount of 1.599.101 Euro is the spectacular sale record. This years’ sale was dominated by the very active buyers from Australia – they both the most – 13 horses for the total price of 866.000 Euro. Amongst their horses are the highest sold mares Gehenna (180.000 Euro) and Hula (160.000 Euro) and the most expensive stallion – Espadero (210.000 Euro). Only 4 amongst the 36 offered horses came back home unsold. The average price per horse was close to 50.000 Euro. Just to compare with last year: 24 amongst of offered 33 horses were sold for total amount 952.000 Euro and average price per horse “only” 29.000 Euro.


Consistent with the expectations the highest sold mare was Michałów-bred Monogramm daughter Gehenna, but she was far away from beating the success of her half sister’s prices from the past years (Elandra 290.000 Euro, Palestyna 300.000 Euro). Janów Podlaski top rated horse Pepesza came to USA for 135.000 Euro. The higher sold offer was Hula mentioned before. The mare was bred by Kurozwęki stud and owned by Białka. Good point of Pride of Poland was that Polish breeders takes part in the sale together with the foreign guests. The lowest sold mare – Parella (5.000 Euro) will stay in Poland.


Two of the offered horses will go to the Canary Islands – Loretta (20.000 Euro) and private bred stallion Migrant (30.000 Euro). The most exciting was selling of Janów-bred Espadero. This not only beautiful but also very brave racer (amongst the others – Derby winner) was the highest sold horse of 2006 sale – 210 000 Euro. William – with even better racing career but little worse in beauty was also bought by the guests from Australia for 20.000 Euro. Let’s hope that Polish Arabian horses will give a lot of joy to their new owners and will have their contribution to glorify Polish Arabian horse breeding in the world as their predecessors.


(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2006
(32 offered mares, 4 stallions


Gehenna 180 thousand, Australia
Hula 160 thousand, Australia
Fraskata 135 thousand, Belgium
Pepesza 135 thousand, USA
Alegoria 90 thousand, USA
Elganda 75 thousand, Australia
Pilica 65 thousand, Australia
El Minia 55 thousand, USA
Eudocja 49 thousand, Australia
Emantka 42 thousand, Belgium
Entuza 37 thousand, Australia
Esturia 30 thousand, Belgium
Wejmutka 27 thousand, South Africa
Elwira 21 thousand, Australia
Loretta 20 thousand, Tenerife Island (Spain)
Perfazja 18 thousand, Belgium
Eligia 17 thousand, South Africa
Abba 15 thousand, Belgium
Barka 13 thousand, France
Celesta 12 thousand, Canada
Piwnica 11 thousand, France
Tripla 11 thousand, Australia
Gryzetka 10 thousand, France
Piramida 10 thousand, Australia
Esteria 9 thousand, Australia
Nutella 9 thousand, Australia
Elebi 7 thousand, Poland
Marita 7 thousand, Poland
Parella 5 thousand, Poland
Wedeta sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to Ireland


Espadero 210 thousand, Australia
Migrant 30 thousand, Tenerife Island (Spain)
Wiliam 20 thousand, Australia
Emrod sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to France


Silent Sale 2006
(15 offered mares, 7 stallions)


Etina 8 thousand, France
Savona 5,8 thousand, France
Porfiria 5,3 thousand, Poland
Antena 5 thousand, Australia
Endywia 5 thousand, Australia
Entella 5 thousand, Australia
Piasta 5 thousand, Tenerife Island (Spain)
Edreada 4 thousand, France


Ennis 6 thousand, Australia
Zygmunt 6 thousand, Ireland
Zakazany Owoc 4 thousand, Spain


You can find the original article with photos here

Polish Nationals 2006 report with photos: J as Janów, G as Gaskonia

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