Aachen ’09: The Reserve Champion title for Emandoria! But we expected more…


Aachen ’09: The Reserve Champion title for Emandoria! But we expected more…

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Aachen. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Aachen. By Krzysztof Dużyński

This year’s 27th All Nations Cup in Aachen, one of so-called ‘Title Shows’, which are top range shows in the ECAHO table, ended with the Belgian victory; their representatives have won both cups: The Lady Harmsworth Blunt Trophy (the so called All Nations Cup, given since 1992) and the Major T.W.I. Hedley Trophy (the so called Breeders Cup, given since 2001). It is the fourth All Nations Cup for Belgium (previously won in 1996, 2003 on an equal footing with Great Britain and in 2004) and the third Breeders Cup (previously in 2003 and 2004). In the first rivalry Poland came second (before Qatar) and third in the second one (after Great Britain). Therefore, our country found itself in the head of rating, however, taking into consideration victories during three previous years and fantastic results of Polish mares in classes’ rivalry, the result is disappointing. Without any doubt, the Polish supporters and the whole Polish team expected more, especially because a better result was possible. Of course, the Senior Mare Reserve Champion title for the Michałów-bred Emandoria gave us
Emandoria, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Emandoria, by Krzysztof Dużyński

joy, however, we were still disappointed, as we felt, that the beautiful Emanda’s daughter deserved the Gold Medal. The highest note in the Aachen show history – 95,3 points – was given to Emmona and caused an unbelievable euphoria, however, this marvelous mare didn’t even receive the Bronze Medal, which was disappointing as well. But it is impossible to win always, and – as Mr. Jerzy Białobok, the Michałów State Stud director, calmly said – ‘the show is the show’, which means that everything can occur and you should never be convinced about the final result. And in the championships ‘the fun’ begins one more time and a horse with much lower score can win.

The team game is a completely different value of this event. During the European Championship or World Championship everyone is playing individually, the breeders care just about their own individual success and it’s impossible to object. It is natural that everyone desires that the hard work, while horses are being prepared, gives an expected result. In Aachen the most important thing is the result of the whole national team, and then it gives a positive impact on the sense of national brotherhood. This might be the only show in

The happiness of the Belgians. By Krzysztof Dużyński
The happiness of the Belgians. By Krzysztof Dużyński

which the rival studs really keep their fingers crossed for each other… An unbelievable happiness of the Belgians who have broken the Polish domination this year, was the best evidence. And James Swaenepoel, the owner of the Junior Mare Gold Medal winner F.M. Gloriaa and the breeder of the Senior Mare Gold Medal winner SA Misha Apal, has the right to be the happiest Belgian. The tears of emotion appeared – which was understood by Polish breeders, the current favorites.

This year though, to all Polish participants’ worry, we were unlucky from the beginning. During the two pre-show days, the emotions of the Polish team gathered around the decision of banning the three Chrcynno-Palace-bred fillies from taking part in the show. The reason was an elevated temperature after the transport and a suspected infection. The absence of Psyche Kreuza, Psyche Victoria and Chaos Persefona undermined the ability of Polish team to reach for the trophies, as the possibility to win points by them was very high.

By Krzysztof Dużyński
By Krzysztof Dużyński

We shall notice anyway that, although the competition was very fierce, and the presented horses quality – if it is possible – even higher than during last years, the Dubai Stud and Al Khalediah representatives’ absence was noticed as they were so appreciable at the other world rank shows. Unofficially it was told that those two Middle Eastern studs didn’t appear in Aachen due to favoring the horses from Qatar during the last All Nations Cups, but we don’t know what was the true reason of their absence. However, the Libyan representatives appeared for the first time (as the new owners of Hypnotic Ibn Eternity-D), and it stood out due to a big amount of bodyguards that escorted the Libyan team.
Senior Mares Championship. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Senior Mares Championship. By Krzysztof Dużyński

The audience did a better job on Sunday and, as usually in Aachen, was cheering the contestants spontaneously. 155 horses were enrolled and just a few didn’t appear on the ring. The top quality of competing horses was proved by given notes. On the A class shows we can seldom witness so high grades. This time minimal differences often decided about the victory, and even 90 points wasn’t enough to enter the top five. The ‘20s’ were given again and again; in a couple of cases the judges were extremely accordant, giving the whole bunch of them – it happened in case of Emandoria, SA Misha Apal, Eden C, Al Lahab and Emmona. The first four horses were recognized as excellent type, Emmona was awarded this way for movement (for type she was given 19,5 points by one judge, the rest of them awarded her with ‘20s’). The Poles, during the class rivalry, won in two cases (Emandoria and Emmona), 8 horses took the second place (Parmana, Wieża Róż, Espinezja, Marjanna VA, Etnologia, Kabsztad, Georgia, Poganin), three – the third place (El Piatzolla, Padova, Drabant), three – fourth place (El Saghira, Sefora, Esparto) and three – the fifth place (Bajaderka, Ermina, Salar). The exported Michałów-bred celebrities, Kwestura, Fallada and Elandra, became third, fourth and fifth in their class, and Białka-bred, Swedish-owned Plagiat was third.

The judging is usually being keenly commented and there also were a couple of reasons to do so. It is true, the judges were agreeable in many cases, and if any discrepancies appeared it was within normal limits – there are different tastes, and what one likes, the other doesn’t have to. But, for example, the notes for legs should be quite similar because the legs

Stival with Frank Spoenle and the owners, Peri Tilghman and Mike Wilson. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Stival with Frank Spoenle and the owners, Peri Tilghman and Mike Wilson. By Krzysztof Dużyński

propriety is not a matter of taste but of an objective grading. Meanwhile, we could’ve witnessed very often the situation in which the notes for this feature balanced between 14,5 and 17 points! It was disturbing and the audience could’ve felt confused: how should then the Arabian horse’s legs look like? The grades for movement, balancing between 18,5 and 20 points, can also be confusing. Perhaps the grading system, in which the extreme notes are rejected, would be more reliable because it would eliminate the evident judges’ mistakes.

While watching the results, it should be noticed, that we still have an extremely strong domination of three stallions’ offspring: Marwan Al Shaqab, Gazal Al Shaqab and WH Justice. F.M. Gloriaa, the Junior Mare Champion, is the last one’s daughter, as well as the Senior Mare Bronze Medal winner CR Jasmeenah. Marwan’s offspring is represented by: the Junior Mare Reserve Champion Khansa Al Shaqab, the Bronze Medal winner Najdah Al Zobair, the Junior Stallion Champion Abha Qatar and the Bronze Medal winner Kahil Al Shaqab. The Junior Stallion Reserve Champion Stival and the Senior Mare Reserve Champion Emandoria are Gazal Al Shaqab’s offspring.

Khansa Al Shaqab, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Khansa Al Shaqab, by Krzysztof Dużyński

But let us go by turns. Already in the first Saturday class (1a), which was the yearling fillies, the WH Justice and Marwan Al Shaqab daughters’ advantage became clear (two each for 8 participants). The Marwan daughter Khansa Al Shaqab from the Qatar stud became the winner, with a note of 92,9 points, including two ‘20s’, for type and head and neck. The second one, the Michałów-bred Al Maraam daughter Parmana (out of Palmira/Monogramm) received 91,3 points, the third one, a Polish WH-Justice daughter El Piatzolla from Strusinianka Stud (out of Enja/Ekstern) – 90,6. The 1b yearling fillies class (10 participants, including three Marwan’s daughters), brought victory to the Italian Alma Al Tiglio by Ajman Moniscione (92,6 points, including two ‘20s’, for head and neck and movement). The second place went to Michałów-bred Ekstern daughter Wieża Róż out of Wieża Babel by Laheeb (91,6 points), while the Marwan daughter Shamah Al Shaqab (with 91,2 points) from Qatar, became third.

Nine yearling colts appeared, including the Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Colt Eternal (out of Ewitacja/Ganges). Unfortunately, this time he couldn’t cope with the fierce competition and he was classified at the eight, penultimate place (with 89,1 points), which disappointed the Polish team, supporting the FS Bengali son from Mała Wieś Stud. The class, however, belonged once more to the Qatar stud – the Marwan Al Shaqab son Kahil Al

F.M. Gloriaa, by Krzysztof Dużyński
F.M. Gloriaa, by Krzysztof Dużyński

Shaqab (with 91,9 points) became the winner, while the Spanish WH Justice son Shanghai E.A. (who scored 91 points), was second. So, Marwan’s and WH Justice’s offspring one more time… The third place went for Saudi-bred Salman Al Mohamadia, by GR Amaretto (90,5 points).

Eight two years old fillies appeared in the 3a class, including two WH Justice’s daughters and two Galba’s daughters (both Michałów-bred). The first was WH Justice daughter, a phenomenal, Belgian-bred F.M. Gloriaa (92,6 points – seven ‘20s’, four for type and three for head and neck). No other rival could’ve threatened her. The second place went for the Saudi Marwan daughter Sara Al Mohamadia (92,2 points, including a ‘20’ for movement), the third went the Polish Padova out of Palanga/Ekstern (91,2 points, including a ‘20’ for movement), fourth place was taken by her stable mate El Saghira out of Emira/Laheeb (90,9 points, including two ‘20s’ for movement). Especially in case of Padova, the grades for legs were various: 14,5-16-15,5-17-16. Daisy FF by DA Vinci FM, owned by Tomasz Tarczyński, who took part in this class, unfortunately took the last place.

Bajaderka, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Bajaderka, by Krzysztof Dużyński

The two-year-old mares B class (8 participants) turned out to be stronger and was also higher graded. We also saw mainly WH Justice’s (2) and Marwan’s daughters (3). With a fantastic note of 93 points (including three ‘20s’ for type and head and neck), the winner was Baila de Djoon OS by Ajman Moniscione, owned by Al Bidayer Stud. The second place went to a Marwan daughter from the United Arab Emirates, Najdah Al Zobair (92,9 points, including seven ‘20s’: for type, head and neck and movement). The spectacular Princess of Marwan (91,8 points), owned by Mystica Arabians from Australia, became third, while the fourth place was taken by the Saudi (Athbah Stud) Fedora RG (91,5 points) by WH Justice, while Polish Bajaderka by Złocień, out of Bagatela/Pesal, went fifth, with 91 points, including a ‘20’ for movement. The other competitor from Poland, a Psytadel daughter Melody, out of Mina/Monogramm (Minnesota Arabians) came last (88,33 points).
Abha Qatar, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Abha Qatar, by Krzysztof Dużyński

The 2-year-old colts (10 participants) also demonstrated a high level, and the winner, Marwan Al Shaqab son Abha Qatar, owned by Al Mohamadia Stud, scored 92,9 points, including a ‘20’ for type (however, the legs were graded from 14,5 to 17 points). The second place was taken by Gazal Al Shaqab son Amir Al Shaqab (92,9 points, including three ‘20s’ for type and head and neck), third came Maharaja HDM by Marajj (91,9 points), owned by Mystica Arabians. In this case, notes for legs were also controversial: from 14,5 to 17 points. The one who celebrated triumphs during last year, the Italian Ali Moniscione by Psytadel, this time was out of the final five.

Then, 10 three-year-old mares went out and in this class a Marwan Al Shaqab daughter celebrated triumph again – the Swedish property and American-bred GM Marwan Al

Kabsztad with Raphael Curti, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Kabsztad with Raphael Curti, by Krzysztof Dużyński

Shaquira, scored 91,6 points. The second place went for Polish Espinezja by Psytadel, out of Entaga/Ganges (91,2 points, with a ‘20’ for movement). Fifth went Ermina by Galba, out of Echidna/Ararat (also from Poland) with the score of 89,9 points.

The three-year-old colts class turned out to be a very numerous one – even 14 participants showed up and many of them were excellent quality. The American-owned Stival, by Gazal Al Shaqab, became the winner; he is admired for his beautiful neck, which is his brand. With 92,9 points (including two ‘20s’, for type and movement), he beat Kabsztad, by Poganin, out of Kwestura, by just one-tenth point (92,8 points, with three ‘20s’: for type and movement). The Michałów-bred colt (being leased to Saudi Arabia) missed the triumph by an inch.

Marjanna VA and Tomasz Jakubowski, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Marjanna VA and Tomasz Jakubowski, by Krzysztof Dużyński

The 4-6-year-old mares group was divided into two classes, among which the first one (10 participants) was the easier one, although both were very strong. In the A-class Poland could’ve won again; the victory was at the fingertips. The American-bred Marwan Al Shaqab daughter Marjanna VA (out of MI Khismit/Khemosabi), imported by the Silvatica Black Arabians Stud, received even 92 points, with two ‘20s’ – for type and movement. She could be satisfied with her result until the performance of CR Jasmeenah by WH Justice. The British mare received the same final note, but two ‘20s’ for type and one for head and neck, picking up the first place from the Polish representative. Third place went for Bacarolla by Khidar from Blommeröd (91,9 points), while the Janów Podlaski-bred Sefora by Ekstern, out of Sawantka/Pepton (91,4 points) came fourth. Valeriana (Werter – Vahta/Aspect), owned/bred by Polish stud Agricola Farm, despite of high grades (91,1 points, including a ‘20’ for type), was sixth.

The Poles had to wait for the victory in the first day of the All Nations Cup until the last Saturday class. However, nobody doubted that the waiting wouldn’t be in vain. The conditions in this class were dictated by the Michałów-bred Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emanda/Ecaho), who didn’t fail her admirers and received even ten top marks and the best

Emandoria's decoration. On the left Jerzy Białobok (Michałów State Stud). By Krzysztof Dużyński
Emandoria’s decoration. On the left Jerzy Białobok (Michałów State Stud). By Krzysztof Dużyński

grade of the day: 94,3 points (the full row of ‘20s’ for type and almost full for head and neck: three ‘20s’ and two ‘19,5s’). She also received the biggest ovation. It was told, that only Kwestura could’ve threatened her on the way to the Senior Mare Champion title… which turned out to be a completely exaggerated beliefs. But that day, on Saturday, the Poles were leaving the Albert-Vahle-Halle in excellent moods, because the last class, the 4-6-year-old mares B-class (10 participants), belonged absolutely to the Polish representatives: the second place was won by the Janów Podlaski-bred Etnologia (Gazal Al Shaqab – Etalanta/Europejczyk), with a very high note of 93,3 points (including 3 x 20, for type and movement), while the fourth place – by another Gazal Al Shaqab daughter, the Michałów-bred Wilda (out of Wilga/Ekstern) – 92,5 points, with a ‘20’ for head and neck. The third place went to Khaleifa by Kubinec from Al Bidayer Stud (93,1 points, while legs were graded from 14,5 till 17 points). The Ekstern daughter Szanta (by Słonka/Wojsław) from the Polish private stud Falborek Arabians, found herself behind the top five (90,8 points), on the seventh position.

SA Misha Apal. By Krzysztof Dużyński
SA Misha Apal. By Krzysztof Dużyński

The Sunday performances were opened by the 7-10-year-old mares (5 participants). Here appeared the biggest – as it later turned out to be – Emandoria’s rival – SA Misha Apal by A.S. Natsir Apal (from Belgian breeding, owned by Al Zobair Stud). Five ‘20s’ for type and four for head and neck gave the final grade of 92,9 points. The result, although impressive, was much lower than the Emandoria’s and it didn’t arouse any concern in the Polish team. Second came Johara Al Naif (91 points) from Qatar, the third place was won by her stable mate Ansata Mouna by Farres (90,6 points).

The next class, 11-years old and senior mares, seemed to be an absolute culmination of the whole event and the great triumph of the Michałów State Stud. 9 participants, 5 of them were Michałów-bred, and all of them found themselves in the head, not giving any chance to their rivals. But what were the mares! Titled, meritorious, and having no equal Monogramm’s

Emmona with Mariusz Liśkiewicz. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Emmona with Mariusz Liśkiewicz. By Krzysztof Dużyński

daughters: Emmona, Kwestura, Fallada, Elandra and Georgia. The audience almost went crazy with delight, every single mare was cheered like a real celebrity. The result was incredible, because not only the beauty, but also huge money appeared in that moment on the ring. The value of some of those mares is well-known, because the prices that were paid for them are known (Kwestura – 1 125 000 EUR, Fallada – 465 000 EUR, Elandra – one million euro is being said). The World Champion Kwestura (out of Kwesta/Pesennik) and her owner, the Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid from Ajman, was probably convinced that she would win, especially because she impressed everyone by her light, elegant movement. Meanwhile, Emmona (out of Emilda/Pamir) entered the ring and something unexpected happened – she

Kwestura. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Kwestura. By Krzysztof Dużyński

floated, full of grace, unavailable for the other horses taking part in this year’s All Nations Cup… She scored five ‘20s’ for movement, four ‘20s’ for type and one more ’20’ for head and neck. 95,3 points, as it was announced, was the highest result in the show history! The second place, somehow unexpectedly, was taken by the 15-years old Georgia (out of Gizela/Palas), with a sensational result of 94,4 points, including three ‘20s’ for type, three ‘20s’ for movement and one ‘20’ for head and neck. Kwestura, on the third place (94,3, with three ‘20s’ for type, three ‘20s’ for head and neck and three ‘20s’ for movement) didn’t enter the championship. Fourth place went to Fallada out of Fanaberia/Probat (93,7 points, with four ‘20s’ for movement), owned by NV Zoutekreken/Paul Gheysens (Belgium), fifth – to

Elandra. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Elandra. By Krzysztof Dużyński

Elandra out of Erlanda/Eukaliptus (93,4 points, including four ’20s’ for type and three ‘20s’ for movement), owned by Halsdon Arabians (GB). This class raised of course a lot comments. ‘The Michałów State Stud didn’t get rid of their most valuable pearls’, people bantered, ‘The best ones stayed at home’. But the owners of those mares who lost the rivalry, were not to laugh.

After that unbelievable challenge, while the 4-6-year-old stallions were presented, the emotions must have assailed because, comparing to the Michałów-bred Monogramm’s daughters, next horses weren’t so impressive, although we have been watching some of the best stallions of the world! Ten of them appeared on the ring, and the winner was, hot

Eden C and Greg Gallun. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Eden C and Greg Gallun. By Krzysztof Dużyński

cheered, Enzo son, the chestnut Eden C, leased by Athbah Stud, in a definitely different type than the Polish mares. With the whole bunch of ‘20s’ for type, four ‘20s’ for head and neck and one for movement his final note was 94,2 points! In this case, it absolutely can’t be said that the judges preferred the Polish, classic type of Arabian, as the ‘American’ type was so appreciated by them. The second place came for the British AV Montoya by WH Justice (92,4 points, including two ’20s’ for movement), while the third position was won by the Michałów-bred Drabant (Gazal Al Shaqab – Demona/Monogramm), who had an excellent entry and he scored not only four ‘20s’ plus 19,5 points for movement, but also the same

Drabant and Mariusz Liśkiewicz. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Drabant and Mariusz Liśkiewicz. By Krzysztof Dużyński

‘19s’ for the type (in total 92 points). Indeed, there aren’t many horses that could show that incredible trot, with a visible phase of suspension. Emberk (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emantka/Eukaliptus), also from Poland, owned by Agnieszka Kozłowska, received the final note of 89,8 points, however, although he also scored a ‘20’ for movement, he was only ninth.

The next class, 7-10-years old stallions (11 rivals), gave another bunch of ‘20s’ to the best one – German property, Laheeb son Al Lahab, who was also awarded with four ‘20s’ for head and neck, and with the final note of 93,3 points. And although the Polish teem was supporting the Janów Podlaski-bred Poganin (Laheeb – Pohulanka/Pepton), we shall admit that Al Lahab did better. But Poganin couldn’t be ashamed of himself: 92,9 points, with a ‘20’ for movement and the second place in the class. Third became MCA Magnum Gold by

Al Lahab with Frank Spoenle and the owners, Inge and Hansjurgen Friedmann. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Al Lahab with Frank Spoenle and the owners, Inge and Hansjurgen Friedmann. By Krzysztof Dużyński

Magnum Psyche (owned by Al Khaled Farm), scoring 92,7 points and two ‘20s’ for type and one for head and neck, while the two next Polish stallions that took part in this class – the elegant Michałów-bred Esparto (Ekstern – Ekspozycja/Eukaliptus) and Janów Podlaski-bred Salar (Ecaho – Saba/Etat) were, respectively, fourth and fifth (Esparto: 92,6 points, Salar: 92,2 points, including a ‘20’ for movement).

The last one was the 11-years old and older stallions class (4 participants), with one Polish breeding representative, the Białka-bred Plagiat (Batyskaf – Perforacja/Ernal), owned by Tjust Araber from Sweden. Although he only became third, his performance could please. He

Poganin with Gerard Paty. By Krzysztof Dużyński
Poganin with Gerard Paty. By Krzysztof Dużyński

scored 91 points, 2,5 points less than the winner, Sandhiran (Sanadik El Shaklan – China Moon/El Hilal), owned by Aja Arabians (GB), who, with two ‘20s’ for type and four for movement scored even 93,5 pkt. The second place went to Lucky Dream by Brianz Xaver (92,5 points, with two ‘20s’ for movement and one for type).

We all waited with our hearts beating for the championships, as all Poles bind great hope with them. But only one title went to Poland – it was the Reserve Champion title for Emandoria. Kabsztad wasn’t acknowledged by judges, the points record-holder Emmona

A saluki by Krzysztof Dużyński
A saluki by Krzysztof Dużyński

didn’t get any title. And Belgians, not Poles, went out to the final picture under their national flag. So that most difficult (except for the World Championship) European show ended, and it was less happy for Poland than anybody could expect. Nevertheless, the Polish-bred horses marked their presence very clearly, most of all by the Michałów-bred Monogramm’s daughters. So there are reasons to be satisfied, but not to be euphoric… And the nearest chance to win back – will be in December, in Paris!


Junior Champion Mare (Gold)
F.M. Gloriaa (WH Justice – Psity of Angels/Psytadel), br. Mevr Sans (Belgium), o. James Swaenepoel (Belgium)
Reserve Junior Champion Mare (Silver)
Khansa Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab – E.A.M.T. Marinuana/BJ Thee Mustafa), br/o. Al Shaqab Stud (Qatar)
Bronze Medal
Najdah Al Zobair (Marwan Al Shaqab – JFN Bint Ludhan/AB Magnum), br/o. Al Zobair Stud (Sharjah, UAE)

Junior Champion Colt (Gold)
Abha Qatar (Marwan Al Shaqab – ZT Ludjkalba/Ludjin El Jamaal), br. Marieta Salas (Spain), o. Al. Mohamadia Stud (Saudi Arabia)
Reserve Junior Champion Colt (Silver)
Stival (Gazal Al Shaqab – Paloma de Jamaal/Soho Carol), br. J&M Wilson (USA), o. Peri Tilghman & Mike Wilson (USA)
Bronze Medal
Kahil Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab – OFW Mishaahl/Mishaah), hod/wł. Al Shaqab Stud (Katar)

CR Jasmeenah, by Krzysztof Dużyński
CR Jasmeenah, by Krzysztof Dużyński

Senior Champion Mare (Gold)
SA Misha Apal (A.S. Natsir Apal – Nyara JC/Nadir I), br. James Swaenepoel (Belgium), o. Al Zobair Stud (Sharjah, UAE)
Reserve Senior Champion Mare (Silver)
Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emanda/Ecaho), br/o. SK Michałów
Bronze Medal
CR Jasmeenah (WH Justice – Fforgetmenot/Ffatal Attraction), br/o. Carole Anne Ratcliff (GB)

Sandhiran, by Krzysztof Dużyński
Sandhiran, by Krzysztof Dużyński

Senior Champion Stallion (Gold)
Al Lahab (Laheeb – The Vision HG/Thee Desperado) br. Ariela Arabians (Israel), o. I&H Friedmann (Germany)
Reserve Senior Champion Stallion (Silver)
Eden C (Enzo – Silken Sable/Genesis), br. R&R Coleal (USA), leased to Athbah Stud (Saudi Arabia)
Bronze Medal
Sandhiran (Sanadik El Shaklan – China Moon/El Hilal), br. Doug Dahmen (USA), o. Aja Arabians (GB)

Top Five of the classes:

Yearling Fillies A
Khansa Al Shaqab
El Piatzolla
Al Princess Aliha

Yearling Fillies B
Alma Al Tiglio
Wieża Róż
Shamah Al Shaqab
RP Miss Surprise
Marwa Al Shaqab

Yearling Colts

Kahil Al Shaqab
Shanghai E.A.
Salman Al Mohamadia
Masters Image
Grand Design

2yo Fillies A
F.M. Gloriaa
Sara Al Mohamadia
El Saghira
Maharani CF

2yo Fillies B
Baila de Djoon OS
Najdah Al Zobair
Princess of Marwan
Fedora RG

2yo Colts
Abha Qatar
Amir Al Shaqab
Maharaja HDM
Macho des Alpes
Shannan El Madan

3yo Fillies
GM Marwan Al Shakira
Abha Al Shaqab
Magna Al Wazir

3yo Colts
ASH Dream of Glory
Don Giovanni J
Orion OS

4-6yo Mares A
CR Jasmeenah
Marjjana VA
LH Gina Lola Bridgeta

4-6yo Mares B

7-10yo Mares
SA Misha Apal
Johara Al Naif
Ansata Mouna
ZT Maghan
BS Sweetheart

Mares 11yo and older

4-6yo Stallions
Eden C
AV Montoya

7-10yo Stallions
Al Lahab
MCA Magnum Gold

Stallions 11yo and older
Lucky Dream
Redwood Lodge Essine

                         Aachen 2009 by Erwin Escher


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