Pride of Poland 2007

Pride of Poland

Pride of Poland 2007

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Pieta, by Joanna Jonientz
Pieta, by Joanna Jonientz

Janów 2007: Poland still leading Arabian horse breeding


Polish and foreign guest saw the number of 160 Pure bred horses entered to 2007 Polish Nationals and they left the record total of over 2,5 millions Euro paid for 42 out of 51 horses put on the XXXIX Polish Arabian horse sale’s list at Janów Podlaski.


During XXXIX Sale for Arabian horses the buyers from 10 different countries spent over 2,5 millions Euros (2.541,900) for 33 out of 35 horses from the main list and 9 out of 16 put on Silent Sale. The highest sold horse was bought by Shirley Watts by 300 000 euro. It was four years old bay Pieta (Gazal Al Shaqab – Pilar) bred by Janów Podlaski, being in foal to Ganges, full sister to 2005 Polish National Junior Champion Filly – Pinga and half sister to 2007 Polish National Reserve Champion Filly – Pinta. Total of 1 million Euro exceeded when she was sold. 


Most of the horses sold at 2007 Pride of Poland Sale will go to Belgium (7) however it is unofficially said that some of them will finally find their new home in the Middle East. 6 horses were purchased by Dubai including one of the sale’s favorites – Errara by Monogramm for 165 000 Euro. Also 6 horses (but not for so astronomical amount that in 2006) will be exported to Australia. Only two horses offered on the main auction were not sold. One of them was the first Arabian sport horse offered on Polish sale ever – the incredible showjumping mare Niniwa – twice European Sport Champion in 2006 and 2007. She didn’t reach the reserve price however her breeders and owners don’t seem to be disappointed having the first European Sport Champion of Polish breeding as a broodmare at their St. Roch Arabian Stud.


Polish breeders were less effective this year in buying horses. Some of them were bidding as Sowiniec Stud owners on Altona (finally sold for 180 000) some others bid for Wiaźma and Laverna but only one mare was successfully sold in Poland. Beautiful Eldon’s daughter Firosetta bred by Białka Stud and owned by priest Stanisław Sławiński of Czeple Arabians has been an excellent broodmare bred to Ekstern 3 times with great results of colt Faronn – placed second at Junior Spring Show in Białka and Figurantka that competed at some foreign shows. The mare was offered for sale with another nice 2007 colt Fascyt by Ekstern and being in foal to Ekstern again for next season. She was finally bought for 53 000 Euro by one of Polish private breeders having the stud just close to Janów Podlaski.


The breeders meeting at Janów Podlaski is also a chance to purchase a horses outside or after the sale. Stallion Pereldon that was not sold during Silent Sale as well as his stablemate Alpar will leave Poland amongst of others and one of the favorites at 2007 Polish National Stallion Championships – Milord Al Shaqab from Minnesota Arabians will join his previous stablemate Migrant sold to Canary Islands. And the future of Etnodrons Psyche is still being negotiated.


The prices for Polish Arabian horses are one of the highest in the world but the breeders from all over this world are still coming to spend huge money at small Polish village on Belarussian border. Even if Poland is geographically far away placed from the Arabian horse roots in the Middle East – this country is certainly blessed with great luck for breeding the desert horses still, offering the special impressions of being in very exotic scenery of East European village hidden peacefully in beautiful Podlasie region in Poland.


(prices in EUR)


Pride of Poland 2007
(33 mares, 2 stallions)


Pieta 300 thousand, GB
Zulejka 205 thousand, Belgium
Altona 180 thousand, Belgium
Errara 165 thousand, Dubai (UAE)
Faustyna 150 thousand, Belgium
Laverna 140 thousand, Dubai (UAE)
Siklawa 100 thousand, Qatar
Pralina 85 thousand, Dubai (UAE)
Złota Wieża 85 thousand, Belgium
Elenita 80 thousand, Qatar
Wiaźma 80 thousand, Belgium
Worskla 80 thousand, Qatar
Polenta 75 thousand, Belgium
Prudencja 70 thousand, UAE
Eolida 60 thousand, Dubai (UAE)
Epifania 60 thousand, Canary Islands (Spain)
Firosetta 53 thousand, Poland
Ekonomika 50 thousand, Dubai (UAE)
Eusala 50 thousand, Qatar
Belladona 45 thousand, France
Bajonna 44 thousand, Australia
Greta 40 thousand, Belgium
Melonia 46 thousand, Australia
Bogini 30 thousand, France
Wanilia 27 thousand, Australia
Celta 25 thousand, USA
Emisana 23 thousand, South Africa
Pianella 22 thousand, Australia
Eumenida 18 thousand, France
Fula 14 thousand, South Africa
Salina 12 thousand, USA


Eukariont 42 thousand, Australia
Major 15 thousand, Australia


Silent Sale 2007
(13 offered mares, 3 stallions)


Enkora 25 thousand, Canary Islands (Spain)
Formosa 20 thousand, Canary Islands (Spain)
Elżbietka 9,9 thousand, Australia
Złota Brama 7,3 thousand, South Africa
Doris Day 5 thousand, Poland
Esina 5 thousand, South Africa
Estelia 5 thousand, Switzerland
Fidżi 5 thousand, Ireland
Pembina 5 thousand, South Africa
Esperada sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to France
Wina sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to GB


Epicentrum 8,7 thousand, Canary Islands (Spain)
Pereldon sold after the auction for a not given publicly amount to France



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